Found a tiny NTP server written in C…

I also found that GitHub will rate limit you for up to an hour should you dare to browse through too many search results.

ASUS PRIME H770 with M.2 and PCIe port layout

7 watts idle on Intel 12th/13th gen: the foundation for building a low power server/NAS

Maybe a poem will help remember complicated power-saving settings for SSDs. Here goes. “ALPM for SATA, not N-V-M-e. The latter needs ASPM, and A-P-S-T”. Hallmark, here I come. And hey, while we’re on the topic of low power consumption…

AWS S3 hotlink protection via a bucket policy

Quick Bits: Enabling hotlink protection for S3 on AWS

We’ll wrangle S3 into a pseudo-webserver yet!

Single vs Multi-Monitor power consumption of the Radeon 5600 XT on the i3-10320

Curbing the “gas guzzling” tendencies of AMD Radeon Multi-Monitor

Triple your computer’s idle power consumption by installing an AMD Radeon video card! And by “triple”, I might mean “quintuple”. After all, why should your computer sip 11 watts running Notepad.exe when it could be a 54 watt space heater running Notepad.exe?

Silver Aerogel Theme - Windows Terminal theme based on Mac OS X terminal

Once again – macOS themes for the Windows Terminal

At one time it seemed like Windows was terminally ill, but now it’s alive and kicking with a Windows Terminal. In any case, since Windows 11 has started to copy the macOS center dock, I think we should start to copy the macOS terminal themes.

Zotac GeForce 1660 Super fan Repair oil location

Oiling up the buzzing fans on the Zotac GeForce 1660 SUPER

Just when you were starting to worry about all the plastic GPU fans going to landfills, “big oil” swoops in to save the day!

Opulent 36x24x53 grow tent - peeling back the velcro cover and viewing plants through the window

Garden time! Checking out the relatively small Opulent 2-in-1 grow tent

Putting tomato seedlings by the window sill and watching them grow leggy until they die has become passé.

Temporary Post: Alarameth TD

If you came here via Steam looking for Alarameth TD and missed the direct link in the announcement, it can be found at

nmon showing partitions

Dirty code hacks: removing partitions from nmon

A little code hack to prevent “nmon” from displaying disk partitions.

Latency Server Map USA (United States)

Matt’s geolocation, anycast, and server location notes

Aiming for low latency: Notes I made while setting up an Anycast + Geolocation + Latency Based Routing configuration for worldwide traffic.

TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 (v5) - modding with some heatsinks

Don’t you go dying on me! Modding the TP-Link Archer C7 (v5) (AC1750)

Making sure the new router will work cool and reliably for years.

8 port SATA (PCE8SAT-M01) - Exposing the Marvell 88SE9215 and JMicron JMB575

8 port SATA on a PCIE 1x lane! Looking at the PCE8SAT-M01 expansion card.

Trying to find an 8 port SATA card that ran on a PCIE x1 slot didn’t result in many options. Fortunately, the lowest-cost option seems to work pretty well!

Olmaster MR-8802 - top shelf pieces removed

Modding the Olmaster MR-8802 (5.25 to 3.5/2.5-inch bay adapter) to hold four 15mm drives

It’s surprising how difficult it is to find a 5.25″ adapter that lets me jam four 15mm 2.5″ drives in it. Also surprising: how long it’s been since I intentionally melted plastic with a soldering iron.

Shucking the Seagate Backup Plus 10TB - opening it up with guitar picks

Bigger shucks! Shucking the Seagate Backup Plus 10TB (STEL1000400 – ST10000DM0004)

Buying external hard drives is kind of like buying *internal* hard drives except you can often save upwards of $100. Also you get a free enclosure for your old hard drive.

The Canon G6020 ready to be set up

Cheap Ink: The Canon Pixma G6020 – My Early Impressions

Gone are the days of buying 10 printers on Black Friday, pulling the ink out, and leaving the printers themselves by the dumpster!

The ASRock J4005B-ITX

9w idle: creating a low power home NAS / file server with 4 storage drives

Putting together a NAS with low power draw, and thus low operating costs.

Brother MFC-J995DW Resetting Purge Count for Ink Pad 01

How To: Resetting the ink absorber pad on the Brother MFC-J995DW

Usually I tape reset instructions for Brother printers to the printer. This one is a little more complex, so I took some pictures.

Brother MFC-J995DW vs Canon PIXMA G4210 vs Epson ET-2700

Brother MFC-J995DW: why not Canon or Epson (reviewish)

One of the reasons I want a printer to last a long time is that comparing printers *takes* a long time! This time I ended up with a Brother inkjet!

OpenVZ 7 and Ubuntu 18.04 VPS Shutdown or Restart hangs SSH

Fixing SSH hanging on VPS restart (OpenVZ/Ubuntu)

One of the (few) benefits of OpenVZ is that your instances reboot very fast which can make for a quick workflow… unless of course reboots hang your terminal window.

Stellar Labs 32-2476 Deep Fringe High-VHF Antenna

A quick look at the Stellar Labs 32-2476 Hi-VHF Deep Fringe Antenna

UHF for the fringe? Lots of options! Hi-VHF for the fringe? Well, there’s Stellar Labs…!