OpenVZ 7 and Ubuntu 18.04 VPS Shutdown or Restart hangs SSH

Fixing SSH hanging on VPS restart (OpenVZ/Ubuntu)

One of the (few) benefits of OpenVZ is that your instances reboot very fast which can make for a quick workflow… unless of course reboots hang your terminal window.

My Vinker T01-A “manual”

The down side to some of these cheap-yet-complex devices is that if you lose the manual and can’t find one online, your garbage bag often ends up with an extra item in it.

Dell Inspiron 5570 - removing the side and top bezel clips

Inspiron 5570 Adventures part 2: IPS display upgrade

The Inspiron 5570 didn’t come with an IPS panel as an option. But can we put in an IPS panel for… another model…? (admittedly a bad teaser – obviously the answer is yes).