DROK LTC1871 - DC boost converter

Detailed info (and review) for the DROK LTC1871 3.5v-30v DC boost converter

A solid little DC boost converter I’ve had for the last year.

Quick Guide – Installing “Clear Linux” on GCE (Google Compute Engine)

How to install one of the fastest Linux distros currently in existence on Google Compute Engine!

How To: Using “systemd” to mount NBD devices on boot (Ubuntu)

Avoiding unpredictable behavior when trying to mount a networked drive.

Vinker T-01A Main Unit

A Short Review: Vinker T-01A (Home Alarm System)

The parents wanted an alarm and I got to pick and install one. Taking a look at one of the most cost-effective home alarm systems I could find!

Vermicompost Calculator

(possibly) The first and only red wiggler reproduction calculator on the web – by me!

Yes, I made a calculator… for worm things… Also optimized it for performance because I like performance, even on the web.

150W "Smart IC" led (110v) - front

Color me impressed: Looking at the 150W “Smart IC” driverless led COB @ 110v AC

The first LED I’ve bought that actually outputs *more* than it claims. Exciting!

DCS-933L grow tent

Using the D-Link DCS-933L for time lapse video via FTP (review-ish)

A look at a D-Link IP camera – one of the few cameras that let you upload images to an FTP server at regular intervals. And all without needing to install apps or use “the cloud”.

Mars Hydro 300W melted blue LED's

1 year later: Inside the Mars Hydro 300w (60x5w) LED light

1 year later, a few dead LEDs. And many, many dead bugs.

The i3-6300 and GB H110N inside the Antec Case (hard drive behind)

Building a low power PC on Skylake – 10 watts idle

I wanted a computer that had low idle power consumption and could handle some casual gaming. Was I successful?

Antec ISK 110 case front

My Antec ISK 110 review – 21 pics and some thoughts

Been quite a while since my last case review, but while waiting on a motherboard to arrive, I figured it was time for another!

64-bit Linux ISO for Mac with 32-bit EFI

Linux DVD images (and how-to) for 32-bit EFI Macs (late 2006 models)

Apple’s 32-bit EFI implementation on late 2006 Macs makes it tricky to get 64-bit Linux distros installed. Tricky, but not impossible…

HandBrake on ARM comparison

HandBrake 0.10.5 nightly and ARM (ARMv7) – short benchmark and how-to

Compiling HandBrake on ARM. No, not that thing attached to your hand, silly! Not unless your arm runs Ubuntu (and if it does, you might be a Borg in which case you may as well assimilate this information anyway).

Handbrake m4 issue

Working around hiccups when compiling Handbrake on Linux

Issues I’ve run into a few times when trying to compile HB on fresh Ubuntu installs, and the “solutions” that I’ve come up with.

lscpu of the ARM

ARMv7 for a website? A quick and dirty (and horribly unfair) test!

Looking at a dedicated ARM server. They can handle phones and tablets, but can they handle… a website!?

Tiller Wheel Shaft

Southland Rear Tine Tiller Review – Nice, simple, cheap tiller

A look at one of the lowest cost rear-tine tillers available.

Main nuts and switches

“Honda clone” chinese carb – partial disassembly and cleaning (with images)

Taking apart a “Honda Clone” (aka “Chinese Clone”) carberetor and doing some cleaning.

8/10/12-bit HandBrake on Mac OS X

HOW TO: 10-bit x264 and 10/12-bit x265 encodes with HandBrake! (Mac OS X, Linux, Windows)

A few 8/10/12-bit libraries (and in some cases, binaries) that I put together for encoding in HandBrake.

Gigabyte H55M-UD2H bios settings for headless support

Off with his head! (headless GA-H55M-UD2H)

I decided to use my old Gigabyte H55M-UD2H motherboard in a NAS server I was putting together. While I was fine with using a video card to install the OS, I didn’t want the video card sucking up the extra watts while it was running. Turned out, getting this Gigabyte motherboard to boot headless wasn’t too terribly difficult.

GLW 50W Flood LIghts

A look inside 2 GLW “50 Watt” LED Flood Lights

Recently grabbed a couple “50W” led flood lights. Electrically hazardous, missing screws, and mislabelled drivers – what’s not to love?!

pH meter used for testing

My attempts at adjusting pH (for plants) with vinegar and citric acid

Here I adjust the pH of water used for watering plants grown indoors. Tap water + pH meter + vinegar/citric acid.