150W "Smart IC" led (110v) - front

Color me impressed: Looking at the 150W “Smart IC” driverless led COB @ 110v AC

The first LED I’ve bought that actually outputs *more* than it claims. Exciting!

Mars Hydro 300W melted blue LED's

1 year later: Inside the Mars Hydro 300w (60x5w) LED light

1 year later, a few dead LEDs. And many, many dead bugs.

GLW 50W Flood LIghts

A look inside 2 GLW “50 Watt” LED Flood Lights

Recently grabbed a couple “50W” led flood lights. Electrically hazardous, missing screws, and mislabelled drivers – what’s not to love?!

Bridge rectified LED

Running LEDs (almost) directly from AC – a brief overview / how-to

Running LED’s from a simple bridge rectifier: a look at my little project.

Bridgelux Vero vs Cree CXB efficiency

Looking for the best LED efficiency: Vero 29 vs CXB3590 vs CXB3070

Collecting data from Bridgelux/Cree datasheets and the Cree tool, and figuring out what’s the most efficient way to go… within reason.

15W Greenhouse LED grow light - Turned on (1/2)

Going cheap: Looking inside the “Greenhouse 15 watt 126-led”

A look inside (yet another) E27-based grow LED… this time, a mid-priced model that looked cheap from the get-go, and despite being advertised as 15W, only pulls 3W from the wall.

130W unbranded LED grow light -

Disassembling a generic 130W (132x1W) UFO grow LED

Opening up another UFO grow light. This time, a 130W grow LED that uses 132x1W leds (SMD5630). I take a look at the internals, measure the voltage, make comparisons to previous leds, etc.

The 54W and 80W grow lights

A Tale of Two “high watt” E27 grow LED’s

A look at a couple grow LED’s that fit in a standard light socket, and are heavily over-rated.

Galaxy Hydro 135W LED Front

Galaxyhydro 135w UFO – an inside look at this grow LED

A look at the “guts” of the Galaxy Hydro 135W LED grow light. Here’s hoping for some tasty tomatoes!