Alarameth TD (Background)

Alarameth TD

A unique, dynamic, challenging, and fully-voiced tower defence game for Windows/Mac/Linux.

Warcraft III – Reign of Chaos Games/Maps

The maps in this section are specifically for those using the basic Warcraft III game (just Reign of Chaos, without The Frozen Throne expansion). They will generally still work if you have TFT installed, though in certain maps, the TFT expansion will result in minor odd issues. Liquid TD 3.1 This version of Liquid Tower

Warcraft III – Other Maps

Risk Revolution v3.1 Risk Revolution is a popular Risk game. It can be played by anywhere from 2-12 players. There are 3 modes that can be played, Free-For-All, 2-player teams, or Alliance. Free-For-All is the most popular. In Risk Revolution, unlike the board game, you do not roll dice, and you do not have to

Warcraft III – Simple Games

Hungry Hungry Felhounds This is a very simple and fun game. It can be played with 2-11 players. In this game, a Felhound chases the person with the ball. If you have the ball, you want to hand it off to somebody before the felhound eats you. You have 2 abilities, attack (which will throw

Warcraft III – Tower Defence Games

Gem TD This game is a survivor TD where you need to either win, or in some cases simply stay alive the longest. It has a high learning curve, and the first few matches can be difficult for new players – however it becomes a lot of fun once you have the hang of things.

Warcraft III – DotA and DotA AI

DOTA (Regular Version) – Defense of the Ancients Version: v6.48b (Sept 6, 2007) DOTA aka Defense of the Ancients is quite possibly the most popular Warcraft 3 custom game played today. At any given time on, half the custom games being played are usually DOTA. In fact, it even has it’s own following, with

Warcraft Maps

Welcome to Warcraft Maps ! Here you’ll find various Warcraft III custom maps available for free download. These include Tower Defenses (also known as TD’s), custom maps, custom games, and just about any Warcraft 3 map you might want to play over, on a LAN, or in some cases even single-player. For the most