Alarameth TD (Background)

Alarameth TD

A unique, dynamic, challenging, and fully-voiced tower defence game for Windows/Mac/Linux.

WoW BFA client running on Wine via Lutris

WoW BFA-prepatch, working on Linux through Lutris

A Windows game running really well on Linux. Notice I said “running” and not “installing in a hassle-free manner”. I chose my words carefully.

Civilization 6 on Ubuntu Linux using the Intel HD 505

Civ 6 performance on the Intel HD 505 (N4200 processor) – Ubuntu and Windows 10

A heavier game on this little laptop with a 6W TDP. Seriously, I have LED light bulbs that use much more power than this laptop. Let’s see how this goes…

Unity3D – A free script to convert a splatmap to a PNG

While trying to convert from a Unity Terrain to static geometry, I ran into the issue of extracting and manipulating the splatmaps. I put together a tool to make it less painful.

THE FIX – Mass Effect 3 “diplomat terminal” bug

It wouldn’t be a BioWare game if it didn’t have at least 1 bugged quest that couldn’t be completed. Here’s how you fix the “diplomat terminal” bug on the PC.

Civilization 5 – From Archaemennid to Safavid achievement bug workaround

Civ 5 came with it’s share of achievement-related issues and bugs. Here’s a way to work around the Archaemennid to Safavid bug during a play.

Cities XL vs Sim City 4

Having played both, here’s a comparison in case you’re trying to decide on one or the other.

The Fix – DarkStar One crashing in Windows 7

DarkStar One was crashing in Windows 7. The solution involves deleting and installing some new files, but isn’t too challenging.

Darkstar One – getting to Odia

In DarkStar One, I was stuck trying to figure out how to get to Odia. Took a little searching, but I finally found it.