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Become the hero of Alarameth by saving the human, elven, dwarven, and gnomish lands from attack!

Alarameth TD is a uniquely challenging, story-driven tower defence. It was designed from the ground-up to combine the challenging level of play you might have faced in tower defense's of old with the cohesive, immersive, and compelling story you'd expect to find in a game today.

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The Levels and the Game

You'll journey through 15 levels in Alarameth TD, taking you through various lands as you save the world from the enemy's attack.

Each level provides unique challenges to keep you engaged. Don't be surprised if you find yourself adapting your strategy on each attempt.

A few screenshots...
Alarameth TD Level 3 (PC screenshot - Windows/Mac/Linux) Alarameth TD Level 4 (PC screenshot - Windows/Mac/Linux) Alarameth TD Level 7 (PC screenshot - Windows/Mac/Linux) Alarameth TD Level 10 (PC screenshot - Windows/Mac/Linux) Alarameth TD Level 12 (PC screenshot - Windows/Mac/Linux) Alarameth TD Level 14 (PC screenshot - Windows/Mac/Linux)

The game is virtually identical across all platforms: Whether playing on Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux, you'll get the full game, and the full experience.

A number of achievements are available, well-suited to tower defence masters looking to exercise their prowess.

While the level of difficulty is high, casual players need not fear: In-game tips are available which begin showing after the first loss. And in-game cheats are an option, just in case you'd rather skip the current level and come back to it later.

Alarameth TD is fully voiced, with multiple voice actors making for a truly immersive and enjoyable experience as you play through each level and get a feel for the plight that has fallen upon each land.

The Towers

A number of towers are unlocked throughout the course of game, with upgrades available as the game progresses. The towers have been carefully designed and tuned, each with strengths and weaknesses you will discover, and hopefully master, as you travel throughout the lands of Alarameth.

Arrow Tower

The Arrow Tower was designed by the elves. Strong against lightly-armored units, and devastating against all manner of flying creatures, this low-cost tower is the staple of nearly any tower defense strategy.

Cannon Tower

The Cannon Tower is of dwarvish design. Powerful against heavy armor, the fiery cannonballs damage both the primary target, and nearby creatures as well. In places where the Arrow Tower falls short, the Cannon Tower does well.

Laser Tower

The Laser Tower is a gnomish invention. Few understand how it truly works, though the gnomes suggest it "shoots a laser that builds a burn effect on it's target that will continue burning the creature for some time, even after the laser tower has stopped attacking it".

Remaining Towers (spoilers!)

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