OpenVZ 7 and Ubuntu 18.04 VPS Shutdown or Restart hangs SSH

Fixing SSH hanging on VPS restart (OpenVZ/Ubuntu)

One of the (few) benefits of OpenVZ is that your instances reboot very fast which can make for a quick workflow… unless of course reboots hang your terminal window.

Amazon S3 Default Notification Text

Creating custom notification text with Amazon S3 and SNS (via Lambda)

Want an email when a file is uploaded to S3 with some basic human-readable details? Amazon’s got you covered. Just use S3 *and* Lambda *and* SNS. Oh and you’ll probably need to step into IAM and CloudWatch too. Amazon: There’s nothing we can’t split across 5 separate services.

Should you adopt SSL on your website?

Should you adopt SSL?

Considering a move to HTTPS? I take a look at a number of potential pitfalls, and mention a few items to consider when taking the plunge.