PHPNG – It’s pretty quick.

I compared the performance of PHPNG to the default PHP 5.5.9 that comes with Ubuntu 14.04LTS. The results were impressive.

A few DNS benchmarks – Dec 2014

I ran some quick speed tests against 4 common DNS providers from 12 locations, and put together the results.

2 available edge cache routes we could take

Making your own CDN/Edge Cache on the cheap!

CDN’s are pricey, but with a little work, you can set up a few cheap VPS’s as edge caches and roll your own! I’ve gone over one possible implementation here.

Remove HTTP/HTTPS/SSL Protocol plugin for WordPress

Introducing the new and exciting WordPress plugin designed to strip away those HTTP or HTTPS-specific links on your blog that are causing you problems! Ok, so it’s not that exciting. But it’s pretty simple and when it doesn’t explode your site, it works.   What it does… 1) The “remove protocol” plugin looks at your