Tiller Wheel Shaft

Southland Rear Tine Tiller Review – Nice, simple, cheap tiller

A look at one of the lowest cost rear-tine tillers available.

Main nuts and switches

“Honda clone” chinese carb – partial disassembly and cleaning (with images)

Taking apart a “Honda Clone” (aka “Chinese Clone”) carberetor and doing some cleaning.

Desulfating a lead acid battery with the YIHUA 605D and Magnesium Sulfate

Thinking about trying to desulfate lead-acid batteries with epsom salt? I’ve gone through some of the background behind it and the process here.

Replacing an oxygen sensor in a 1998 Honda Civic (how-to with pictures)

Fortunately, the Honda Civic’s oxygen sensor is located in an easily accessible location. A quick guide with pictures and a few options for removal follows.

Chevy Impala driver side power window not going up – THE FIX

If your Impala’s window switch appears dead, you can follow these steps to take it apart, clean it up, and get working power windows once again!

Instrument Cluster Light Bulbs

LED’s in an instrument cluster

The power savings by using LED bulbs in a vehicle can be substantial. But how about replacing the small bulbs in an instrument cluster?

From regular to LED bulbs – How much of a power savings can you expect?

I measure the current pulled by regular automotive bulbs, and then by their LED replacements. The difference in power draw is substantial.

Sprint/Metro/Swift/Firefly Timing Belt Tensioner

How to replace the timing belt in a 1991 Chev Sprint

The process for removing a timing belt from an 89-91 Sprint/Metro/Firefly, since I’ve done this about a dozen times.

Remove brake drum cap

Replacing rear wheel bearings in a 1991 Chevy Sprint

If your car is making a lovely crunching sound, here is the full process with pictures. Rear wheel bearings for other cars are often similar.

Key broken in the ignition of your Sprint/Swift/Metro/Firefly? Here’s how to fix it.

How to get the broken key out of the ignition by removing the lock assembly. Burglars: Please don’t read.