Handbrake 8-bit, 10-bit, and 12-bit comparison

Results: Encoding 8-bit video at 8/10/12-bit in Handbrake (x264/x265)

A web-based tool I created to let you compare the results of a video encoded at various bits in Handbrake!

Handbrake x264, x265, VP8, VP9 comparison

x264 vs x265 vs VP8 vs VP9 (examples)

Image and video samples of a source encoded via x264, x265, VP8, and VP9.

HandBrake on ARM comparison

HandBrake 0.10.5 nightly and ARM (ARMv7) – short benchmark and how-to

Compiling HandBrake on ARM. No, not that thing attached to your hand, silly! Not unless your arm runs Ubuntu (and if it does, you might be a Borg in which case you may as well assimilate this information anyway).

Handbrake m4 issue

Working around hiccups when compiling Handbrake on Linux

Issues I’ve run into a few times when trying to compile HB on fresh Ubuntu installs, and the “solutions” that I’ve come up with.

8/10/12-bit HandBrake on Mac OS X

HOW TO: 10-bit x264 and 10/12-bit x265 encodes with HandBrake! (Mac OS X, Linux, Windows)

A few 8/10/12-bit libraries (and in some cases, binaries) that I put together for encoding in HandBrake.

Results from an SSIM RF encode at various speed settings.

Handbrake RF + slower speeds = craziness

When using RF (Constant Quality), setting slower speeds in Handbrake results in smaller files. Except when it doesn’t. Details on the confusing mess that ensues is in here.

Screenshot that was not denoised

In-depth look at de-noising in Handbrake 0.9.9 (with image/video examples)

De-noising in Handbrake has historically been one of the tricker aspects to delve into. Here I delve away, giving examples of what different settings mean and do.

x264 Handbrake encode at RF 0

Comparing x264 “RF” settings in Handbrake (examples)

The concept of “RF” values can be tricky for a newcomer to wrap their head around. I break it down here with screenshots at various settings, a video, and a full explanation.

A “best settings” guide for Handbrake 0.9.9 and 0.10

Aimed at v0.9.9 but helpful for all versions of Handbrake, this guide is aimed at those who want to understand what each of the options actually do and when you might want to use them.

Handbrake Advanced Options

A rundown of Handbrake settings (0.9.6)

I go over each of the Advanced Settings in Handbrake 0.9.6 (similar to other versions) in great detail.

Fighting noise/grain in handbrake – custom denoise settings

A detailed look at custom denoising in Handbrake. Note that I have since replaced this with a newer/better version, and have provided a link to it.

Best x264 settings for Handbrake

The best H.264 / x264 settings for Handbrake

A somewhat brief list of some quick-and-dirty “best” advanced settings for Handbrake, based on v0.9.3.