Jishnu – a free WordPress theme based on Arjuna X

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There are 2 fantastic themes I’d like you to meet:

Meet Arjuna
Meet Arjuna

Meet Jishnu
Meet Jishnu

A few minor differences (I suppose I should have changed the title in the 1st one, mind you), but really, don’t they kinda look the same?

…how about now?

Arjuna Waterfall
Arjuna Waterfall

Jishnu Waterfall
Jishnu Waterfall

I’ll get to the point: Arjuna X (by SRS Solutions) was a fantastic theme. And like many other users, I was disappointed when parts of it broke in WordPress 3.5 and it wasn’t updated. After getting those issues worked out, I decided to start tuning things, and rewriting much of the layout to use CSS instead of images. It took a few hundred hours, but I think you’ll agree that I managed to get it looking pretty darn close to the original, and maybe even a little better in some areas.

At some point around the 100 hour mark, I decided I’d turn my little project into a fork so that others could benefit too. Hence, Jishnu was born.

From there, I began fixing other bugs, and adding a few features – mainly stuff that I wanted myself and figured others might too. Some bigger things – for example, it’s many times more customizable than Jishnu was – you can choose from any number of colors, and Jishnu will calculate gradients (and in some cases, color-schemes) on-the-fly. This is done in a fairly simple manner so that in many cases you can select 1 color and a whole bunch of other colors will automatically be calculated for you (though you can use custom CSS if you really want to be meticulous about it). You can read up on a few of the differences on the Jishnu/Arjuna comparison page.


A quick look at the Jishnu Customizer (video):


Some smaller levels of customization are available too – like if you hate the “Powered by WordPress using the Jishnu theme” stuff in the footer, there’s a setting to replace it with whatever you want, right in the Jishnu Advanced Options – no need to manually edit the theme file. I actually added a lot of “i wish i didn’t have to edit the theme file to do X…” stuff.

As for speed, it’s pretty snappy on it’s own but there are quite a few things you can do to speed up Jishnu even further (and really, just about any WordPress theme. I’ve got a few examples listed on the Speeding up Jishnu even further… page.


I know, I know, you’re waiting for the bad news. To start with, IE6-9 don’t support CSS3 and thus, they get a lot of “fall back” support (they’re not technically supported, though IE10 is). IE9 misses out on some of the gradients, the header design, and gets a few square-instead-of-curvy borders. IE7 and 8 don’t get any curved borders. IE6 was broken so badly that the theme all-out disables a couple menus if an IE6 user stumbles upon the site. I do have a “known issues” section with further details there. That said, if you’re looking for an Arjuna alternative that maintains the same overall look & feel (but is compatible with newer versions of WordPress), I urge you to download Jishnu and give it a try!


Download link: – Jishnu v1.1.1 (Feb 4, 2014)
-Tweaked post/page behaviour to eliminate duplicate content issues. Disabling pingback in adv options will now affect the http “X-Pingback” headers as well. Removed some old non-html5 stuff from the head . Some previously hard-coded items are now enqueued through WordPress’s wp_head. Added support for 404 Redirect Reloaded for those who have it enabled. For those who are not using custom footer text in Advanced Options, the default “jishnu theme” footer links are no longer site-wide (only main page, which is also no-followed now), with the remainder simply being text. Numerous other changes. – Jishnu v1.1.0 (Jan 7, 2014)
-Support for longer header titles/taglines (smaller text option). Extra options for author link. Comments renamed from “Written by X” to “Comment from X” to address certain Google Plus issues. Additional CSS moved from style.min.css to the head – Jishnu v1.0.9 (Dec 11, 2013)
-full fix for sidebar widget text – you can now use unlimited lines of text without the image sprite spilling over. Added a mouseover-animated HTML5 header background option called “animated mouseover circles”, available in the Customizer under “Secondary Design”. A few typos fixed in the code comments. A little text cleanup in Advanced Options. – Jishnu v1.0.8 (May 25, 2013)
-sidebar widget text (for twitter button, facebook button, youtube button, etc) now works correctly when longer than 1 line. Note that you’ll want to limit your text to 2 lines – see “known issues” for details – Jishnu v1.0.7 (Jan 29, 2013)
-minor adjustment (1 px) to mid-left and mid-right sidebar widths related to below – Jishnu v1.0.6 (Jan 29, 2013)
-bugfix for sidebar mid-left and mid-right widths – Jishnu v1.0.5 (Jan 25, 2013)


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  1. Thank you. Best template! Very, very nice!

  2. After the WP 3.7 upgrade I get blank page when trying to access for example Updates or the editor

  3. Thank you SO MUCH! I loved Arjuna but it kept failing me. Thank you for coming to the rescue.

  4. Stig Petersson

    Thank you for this magnificent effort. Jishnu is a great looking theme!
    – Testing it using plugin Theme Check, Version 20141222.1, leaves (sorry to say) some remarks.
    – – Probably due to my WordPress version, I’m using 4.1 when testing.
    – Are they going to be addressed?
    Kind reguards. Stig

    • Hey Stig, glad you like it!

      Which messages did it throw? The theme had passed all the tests in the check when I initially released it, but that was a couple years ago now (on v3.5/3.6). I’ve got quite a bit on my plate at the moment, so unfortunately I’m not sure when I’ll get some time to look into it 🙁

  5. Hello. Any news or Updates for this theme?
    When we get translate ready edition (*.po *.mo files)? And more settings options?

  6. Hello, Matt. Thanks, this great theme. Next time, when you upgrade the theme please add Google+ Social button function. Thanks.
    Please make a translation ready edition of Jishnu. I would like to translate this theme. Thanks.
    Zsolt Keri

  7. I always loved Arjuna and was sad that the time came to let it go. While looking for a new theme, I found Jishnu.
    Great job!! Thank you

  8. pre tag may need set overflow property to auto.

  9. Please update it!

  10. No more working! Very old and not working with new plugins and not compatilible with new wordpress.

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