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Frequently Asked Questions - Pre-purchase

Q: What platforms does the game run on?

Mac OS X Linux Windows

A: Here is the current list:

  • Windows 32/64-bit (XP, Vista, 7, 8)
  • Mac OS X (Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite)
  • Linux 32/64-bit

For desktop machines, a 64-bit OS is recommended, though 32-bit editions have been added for those on older operating systems (if purchased through Steam, Steam will automatically install the correct 32 or 64-bit version of Alarameth TD). On Windows, you can see whether your OS is 32/64-bit by right-clicking "My Computer" and choosing "Properties". On Linux, type "arch" in a terminal window - if it is 64-bit, you should see "x86_64". All Mac OS X editions listed above are 64-bit. Note that the Itanium architecture is not supported.

Android is not yet supported and are still being considered. While early betas run, due to device fragmentation this is a little further out because of the insane amount of testing required.

The iOS edition is no longer available, due to low interest in that platform.

Windows Phone and Windows Touch devices are not supported, and support isn't currently planned.

Q: What are the PC minimum system requirements?

A: An Intel i3/i5/i7 (or AMD equivalent) CPU is ideal. Technically the game will run on older Core2Duo processors, and possibly earlier systems, but performance can be iffy.

A dedicated video card is recommended, but if using integrated graphics, an Intel HD3000 or higher should be bearable (or most recent AMD integrated video).

RAM is rarely an issue, and while more is always good, the game should have no issues on a system with at least 1GB of RAM.

A note on older computers: Technically, the game will run on some pretty old CPU's and GPU's, but performance might be anywhere from acceptable to poor depending on the configuration. You should try out the free demo first if you're unsure.

Q: How hard is Alarameth TD?

A: It's on the higher end of the difficulty spectrum. If you've played tower defence games in the past, you're likely to find it comfortable, yet challenging. If you have never played a tower defence game before, it will probably take a little while to get into the swing of things. Trying the demo first would be a good idea - by the time you beat level 2, you'll be ready for the rest of the game.

Q: Is the game single-player, multi-player, or both?

A: Single player. Early in the design process, multi-player was considered, but the game would have taken an entirely different direction.

Q: Are there any micro-transactions, in-app purchases, or paid DLC?

A: Nope. You buy the game, you get the entire thing. You won't be nickle-and-dimed later.

Q: Is there any restrictive DRM, or any forced online requirement?

A: Steam: No. Once you've downloaded the game, you can manually browse to the game folder and play even if Steam isn't running. You should also be able to copy the game folder to a backup folder or an offline machine and play it as much as you want in the future without issue.

Q: Is there a manual?

A: There's an in-game manual, accessible from the menu. To prevent spoilers, it will not show details about certain towers or creatures until you've reached the level where they were unlocked.

Frequently Asked Questions - Strategy

FAQ - Desktop (PC)

Q: I don't want tips. Can I get rid of them?

A: Yes! To disable them, you need to open the menu while in a level and select the "UI Settings" button. You'll find the box to turn off tips there.

Q: I want to cheat. How do I do it?

A: Type "moneyz" for 500 extra energy, or "iwin" to skip the level. If you use the "moneyz" cheat, you won't get any more achievements for the remainder of that attempt, but can always come back to that level later and try it again to get the achievement(s).

Q: The navigation menu went up off the screen for some reason, and didn't come back down!

A: To keep the build menu from overlapping the navigation menu, it automatically moves up if the build menu is in the top-right area.

Close the build menu (either by building a tower, clicking the X, or clicking on the ground somewhere), and the navigation menu will come back down.

Q: Is there a way to save the game in the middle of a level?

A: No. Achievements and your progress are automatically saved at the end of each level. For example, if you beat level 3, the next time you start the game, level 4 will still be unlocked. However, it's not possible to save your progress mid-level.

Q: The game is slow or choppy. How do I fix this?

A: In the menu, select the video settings, and turn the quality down. You won't get shadows, and things won't look as crisp, but the performance should improve drastically. You can also try enabling the "Automatic Quality Adjust" option which will turn down the quality as necessary to get a playable experience. In a worst-case scenario, you can enable the "trash-mode" quality setting, but note that things can look pretty retro and/or really bad.

If you're playing on a PC with integrated graphics (or an old unsupported computer), choosing a lower resolution will often help too.

Q: What does the "Automatic Quality Adjustment" option in the video settings do?

A: This increases the quality when the frame rate gets very high (stays near 60fps), and lowers the quality if the frame rate gets too low (drops to around 10fps or less). The intention is to make sure you always get the highest quality possible, while maintaining a playable frame rate.

It's disabled by default because when it makes a change during gameplay, there can be a slight visual stutter and the visual change can be a little obvious. If those aspects don't bother you though, feel free to enable it!

Q: I play at a low resolution and the UI is too large. Is there anything that can be done?

A: As of v1.0.5 you can now hold the "T" key to move the UI elements off to the side. If done while paused, it will also allow you to navigate, build, sell, and upgrade towers.

Q: Is there a way to see the range of all current towers without clicking on them?

A: As of v1.0.5 you can now hold the "R" key to see all current tower ranges. They are color coded, but keep in mind that they are most useful in the early stages of a level: once many towers are built, the many range circles will look like a big jumble.

Q: I ran into a bug! How do I report it?!

A: Send an email to me via email at with the details. Try to be descriptive (mention the level, what the issue is, anything you think might have triggered it, etc). If it's something you can reproduce, send along a video or screenshot if possible. The more info you can provide, the easier it will be for me to narrow down the cause.

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