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Alarameth TD is sold via Steam!

Available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux on Steam! The Steam edition includes integration with the Steam achievement system (and trading cards!), and will also allow you to download the game through your Steam account anywhere you have the Steam client installed. What's more, Alarameth TD is DRM-free: once downloaded, you always have the option to run the game directly from the game folder even if Steam isn't running!

Direct Link: Alarameth TD on Steam

Note that Alarameth TD is no longer available through Desura due to the bankruptcy of Bad Juju Games, and is no longer available for sale through the Apple App Store.

Try before you buy!

If you're not sure whether your old clunker of a computer will run the game, have never played a tower defence before, or just aren't quite sure whether Alarameth will tickle your fancy, why not check out the free demo first?

If you would simply like to see a little gameplay before making your decision, you can always check out A Quick Look at Alarameth TD on YouTube!

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