Dell 5570 Canadian Keyboard

Adventures with the Dell Inspiron 5570 (i5 8250u, 15.6″, 1080p)

Opening this Dell up and checking out components. The fight I had getting it open. Hackintoshing. Linux. Undervolting. Bios modding. Compliments. Complaints. It’s all in here!

Coleman 100W solar panel cracked diode

Coleman 100W solar panel – voltage but no power/current – quick fix

Since the panel had a 25 year warranty, I expected at least 1 hassle-free decade. 3 years was a little quick to be pulling things apart. Oh well.

Civilization 6 on Ubuntu Linux using the Intel HD 505

Civ 6 performance on the Intel HD 505 (N4200 processor) – Ubuntu and Windows 10

A heavier game on this little laptop with a 6W TDP. Seriously, I have LED light bulbs that use much more power than this laptop. Let’s see how this goes…

Starting terminal from Mac install DVD

Reducing the 30 second delay when starting 64-bit Ubuntu in BIOS mode on the old 32-bit EFI Macs

Just in case 64-bit Linux on a 32-bit EFI mac wasn’t complicated enough on it’s own…

Ubuntu Terminal Setting up Tabs 1

How to make the Ubuntu terminal more like the Mac OS X terminal

Making the GNOME Terminal look and feel a little more like the Mac Terminal.

ASUS X541NA Keyboard

ASUS Vivobook Max X541NA – First Impressions and Beyond (reviewish)

I like ASUS. I also like really low cost laptops. The X541 kind of marries those 2 things. Let’s see how this marriage worked out.

Seagate STEA4000400

How to shuck the Seagate Expansion 4TB portable (STEA4000400), and why…

Low heat, power consumption, and price… what’s not to love!? Oh right, using sharp knives to get the thing out of the enclosure.

Arduino custom backslash

Arudino workaround: backslash (\) shows on LiquidCrystal as the Yen symbol

Solving an odd little issue where instead of printing the backslash character to my Arduino-connected LCD, it was printing the Yen (¥) symbol!

1.5 years later: My Gudcraft aka Aleko Wind Turbine (WG600/WG700)

Looking at this small scale wind turbine. Does it generate power? Yes. Does it generate *lots* of power? Well…

Arduino Wind Turbine MPPT charge controller

MPPT sucks for wind – making my own wind turbine charge controller with an Arduino

After buying/trying tonnes of controllers in an effort to try and utilize all the power my wind turbine can generate, I found a solution: Design and build my own controller!

BougeRV 30A Charge Controller (Front when powered on)

BougeRV 30A – a very poor solar charge controller (review)

A “30A” charge controller that struggles to provide 5A.

DROK LTC1871 - DC boost converter

Detailed info (and review) for the DROK LTC1871 3.5v-30v DC boost converter

A solid little DC boost converter I’ve had for the last year.

Quick Guide – Installing “Clear Linux” on GCE (Google Compute Engine)

How to install one of the fastest Linux distros currently in existence on Google Compute Engine!

How To: Using “systemd” to mount NBD devices on boot (Ubuntu)

Avoiding unpredictable behavior when trying to mount a networked drive.

Vinker T-01A Main Unit

A Short Review: Vinker T-01A (Home Alarm System)

The parents wanted an alarm and I got to pick and install one. Taking a look at one of the most cost-effective home alarm systems I could find!

Vermicompost Calculator

(possibly) The first and only red wiggler reproduction calculator on the web – by me!

Yes, I made a calculator… for worm things… Also optimized it for performance because I like performance, even on the web.

150W "Smart IC" led (110v) - front

Color me impressed: Looking at the 150W “Smart IC” driverless led COB @ 110v AC

The first LED I’ve bought that actually outputs *more* than it claims. Exciting!

DCS-933L grow tent

Using the D-Link DCS-933L for time lapse video via FTP (review-ish)

A look at a D-Link IP camera – one of the few cameras that let you upload images to an FTP server at regular intervals. And all without needing to install apps or use “the cloud”.

Mars Hydro 300W melted blue LED's

1 year later: Inside the Mars Hydro 300w (60x5w) LED light

1 year later, a few dead LEDs. And many, many dead bugs.

The i3-6300 and GB H110N inside the Antec Case (hard drive behind)

Building a low power PC on Skylake – 10 watts idle

I wanted a computer that had low idle power consumption and could handle some casual gaming. Was I successful?