Editing /etc/selinux/config

Quick Fix: Chrome flash player not working on Fedora 25

Disabling the SELinux policy to fix Chrome’s flash player. For those who don’t know what SELinux is, it was invented as an innoculant against the “ease of use” people sometimes try to add to Linux.

The i3-6300 and GB H110N inside the Antec Case (hard drive behind)

Building a low power PC on Skylake – 10 watts idle

Putting together a computer that has extremely low idle power consumption AND can handle some casual gaming is pretty tough. Just in case someone’s aiming to do it and isn’t sure where to begin, I figured I’d list some details about the machine I just put together so that you’ve got something to start with

Amazon S3 Default Notification Text

Creating custom notification text with Amazon S3 and SNS (via Lambda)

Want an email when a file is uploaded to S3 with some basic human-readable details? Amazon’s got you covered. Just use S3 *and* Lambda *and* SNS. Oh and you’ll probably need to step into IAM and CloudWatch too. Amazon: There’s nothing we can’t split across 5 separate services.