BladeRunner Atom MAV - The goodies in the box

BladeRunner Atom MAV: A review and Mode4 to Mode2 conversion how-to

Looking at the little Atom MAV nano, and an in depth guide for soldering to convert this quadcopter from “Mode 4” to the more common “Mode 2” controls.

Air Hogs Helix Ion - The Hand Size comparison

The Helix Ion: Durable, a bit clunky, and has an interesting charger (quadcopter review)

The Air Hogs almost-indestructible “Helix Ion” quadcopter – a quick look.

Bridge rectified LED

Running LEDs (almost) directly from AC – a brief overview / how-to

Running LED’s from a simple bridge rectifier: a look at my little project.

Bridgelux Vero vs Cree CXB efficiency

Looking for the best LED efficiency: Vero 29 vs CXB3590 vs CXB3070

Collecting data from Bridgelux/Cree datasheets and the Cree tool, and figuring out what’s the most efficient way to go… within reason.

15W Greenhouse LED grow light - Turned on (1/2)

Going cheap: Looking inside the “Greenhouse 15 watt 126-led”

A look inside (yet another) E27-based grow LED… this time, a mid-priced model that looked cheap from the get-go, and despite being advertised as 15W, only pulls 3W from the wall.

130W unbranded LED grow light -

Disassembling a generic 130W (132x1W) UFO grow LED

Opening up another UFO grow light. This time, a 130W grow LED that uses 132x1W leds (SMD5630). I take a look at the internals, measure the voltage, make comparisons to previous leds, etc.

The 54W and 80W grow lights

A Tale of Two “high watt” E27 grow LED’s

A look at a couple grow LED’s that fit in a standard light socket, and are heavily over-rated.

Galaxy Hydro 135W LED Front

Galaxyhydro 135w UFO – an inside look at this grow LED

A look at the “guts” of the Galaxy Hydro 135W LED grow light. Here’s hoping for some tasty tomatoes!

Quick Fix: Plastic Impact Sprinkler sticking

You know what they say: Buy cheap, buy twice! But in this case we might be able to just fix it.

WebP results for randomly pulled single images.

Serving up WebP to supported browsers: Nginx/cwebp/gif2webp & results!

I decided to give WebP a shot on a Ubuntu 14.04LTS VPS running nginx. Here’s the process I followed, and the results!

No JQuery Lightbox

No JQuery Lightbox for WordPress (plugin)

Trying to find a WordPress lightbox that didn’t require JQuery was nothing short of a nightmare. So I put together my own!

Compressing only html/css/js/etc files for use with nginx’s “gzip static”

Nginx has a great directive called “gzip_static” that will serve pre-gzipped content. Here’s how I set up a VPS to generate pre-gzipped versions automatically.

Unity3D – A free script to convert a splatmap to a PNG

While trying to convert from a Unity Terrain to static geometry, I ran into the issue of extracting and manipulating the splatmaps. I put together a tool to make it less painful.

Desulfating a lead acid battery with the YIHUA 605D and Magnesium Sulfate

Thinking about trying to desulfate lead-acid batteries with epsom salt? I’ve gone through some of the background behind it and the process here.

Results from an SSIM RF encode at various speed settings.

Handbrake RF + slower speeds = craziness

When using RF (Constant Quality), setting slower speeds in Handbrake results in smaller files. Except when it doesn’t. Details on the confusing mess that ensues is in here.

nginx 502 “Bad Gateway” errors when set as a proxy over SSL/HTTPS

There are many possible causes of 502 errors in Nginx and I look at one of them. If you recently set it up to proxy over HTTPS, the proxy_pass directive probably contains the issue.

Flushing the nginx fastcgi cache via PHP (and/or WordPress)

I wanted a way to quickly purge the Nginx fastcgi cache from within WordPress, and quickly threw together a plugin that does the job.

Screenshot that was not denoised

In-depth look at de-noising in Handbrake 0.9.9 (with image/video examples)

De-noising in Handbrake has historically been one of the tricker aspects to delve into. Here I delve away, giving examples of what different settings mean and do.

x264 Handbrake encode at RF 0

Comparing x264 “RF” settings in Handbrake (examples)

The concept of “RF” values can be tricky for a newcomer to wrap their head around. I break it down here with screenshots at various settings, a video, and a full explanation.

A “best settings” guide for Handbrake 0.9.9 and 0.10

Aimed at v0.9.9 but helpful for all versions of Handbrake, this guide is aimed at those who want to understand what each of the options actually do and when you might want to use them.