Cooler Master Storm Scout filtration review (and modding)

CM’s Storm Scout is one of the few full-sized cases that have handy carry handles. Instead of a gaming-focus, I look at filtration and methods of minimizing the dust that enters this beast.

How to replace bearings in the Whirlpool Duet WFW9200SQ02 washing machine

A number of Whirlpool washers end up with bearing problems. You can throw it out, pay $ for a new basket, or replace the bearings. I did the latter.

1500W oil heaters – Bionaire vs Garrison

A comparison of 2 locally-available 1500W oil-filled heaters. Each have their strengths and weaknesses, depending on what features you’re looking for.

Chevy Impala driver side power window not going up – THE FIX

If your Impala’s window switch appears dead, you can follow these steps to take it apart, clean it up, and get working power windows once again!

Jailbreaking, and installing Plex on the Apple TV 2

I jailbroke my AppleTV 2, installed Plex, and documented the procedure.

Winegard HD8200U installation and review

Winegard makes wonderful large heavy-duty antennas. I go through the assembly/installation process and provide a few thoughts at the end.

Mac OS X slow for 10-15 minutes after boot – THE FIX

If you’ve got a BootCamp partition on your Mac and found that Mac OS X inexplicably runs slow after startup, this may be the solution.

Civilization 5 – From Archaemennid to Safavid achievement bug workaround

Civ 5 came with it’s share of achievement-related issues and bugs. Here’s a way to work around the Archaemennid to Safavid bug during a play.

D-Link DIR-825 router review – poor design for the low price of $150

My D-Link DIR-825 came with a heatsink that looks like… well… not a heatsink. How it cost over $100 is beyond me.

Review – a couple Honeywell Air Purifiers

I exposed a couple locally-available air purifiers to a smoky room. Here’s how it turned out.

Thoughts on the Antec 300

Yet another Antec review – this time, the 300.

OCZ 600SXS StealthXStream power supply review – (hint: it’s in the trash)

It may as well have been a no-name PSU to be honest….

ASUS M4A785-M review – overclocking the 6-core AMD Phenom II X6 1055T at stock voltage

I got one of the most cost-effective 6-core setups you can put together, did some overclocking, and watched the heat.

How to fix Windows not installing to a GPT partition.

Some versions of Windows are picky and won’t format a disk that’s already formatted differently. Here’s how you can work around it.

Asus P5KPL-CM and BSEL pin volt mods – Don’t bother, they don’t work.

My failed attempts at pin modding the P5KPL-CM motherboards.

Overclocking the i3 540 on the Gigabyte H55M-UD2H past 4Ghz

Pushing the i3 540 past 4Ghz!

Power consumption of various household items…

Ever wonder how much juice the items in your house use? I tested a number of items and you may find the results surprising.

Time Capsule 1TB uses the WD Caviar Green

I wasn’t sure what hard drive would be in my Time Capsule (purchased in Canada). Pulling it apart, it turns out it’s the WD Caviar Green – not bad!

Boot Camp and the Apple Wireless Mouse not working

Apple’s “Magic Mouse” works fine in Mac OS X. On Windows through BootCamp though… that’s another matter.

PST online payments in Manitoba

The Government of Manitoba is getting a little more high-tech! You can now process PST payments online.