Deleting old WordPress database entries from MySQL

The downside to installing WordPress plugins is the junk often left behind in the database when you remove them. Here’s what I came across (and removed) in mine.

Best x264 settings for Handbrake

The best H.264 / x264 settings for Handbrake

A somewhat brief list of some quick-and-dirty “best” advanced settings for Handbrake, based on v0.9.3.

Reducing the Northbridge temps on the MSI X58 PRO-E motherboard

The northbridge on the X58 PRO-E is notorious for getting hot. I walk through the process of pulling the heatsinks and applying new paste to bring those temps down.

Antec Sonata III case review

I look at the Sonata III with a comparison against the old piano-finish variant.

MSI GT735 Notebook and Windows 7 64-bit

Bringing the MSI GT735 from Vista 32-bit to Windows 7 64-bit.

VLC Mac Stutter – the fix

Addressing stutter on the Mac using VLC 1.x, with a screenshot to help along the way.

2.4Ghz vs 5Ghz, D-Link DWA-160 short review, a kink, and the fix

A look at the DWA-160, with a deeper focus on the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz aspects.

Migrating CPanel awstats from one host to another

The downside to relying on AWSTATS for statistics tracking through WHM is that if you move to a new host, it can take some manual work to get that data transferred. Here’s how I did it.

Mac OS X Drivers for the HP Color LaserJet 1600

Trying to get the LaserJet 1600 working on Mac OS X isn’t a simple plug-and-play experience, though it is possible.

The Fix – DarkStar One crashing in Windows 7

DarkStar One was crashing in Windows 7. The solution involves deleting and installing some new files, but isn’t too challenging.

Darkstar One – getting to Odia

In DarkStar One, I was stuck trying to figure out how to get to Odia. Took a little searching, but I finally found it.

E2140 lapping - heatsink and processor before lapping

The lapping test – reducing temps by lapping a CPU’s heatspreader & heatsink

Lapping a CPU – the process.

Prime95 for Mac OS X

Trying to find Prime 95 for the Mac was a little tricky. After a fair bit of searching, I finally came across the download link.

Intel E2140 and Asus P5B-VM SE overclock encoding speeds

Intel E2140 + ASUS P5B-VM SE overclocking

A look at overclocking the E2140, and results!

Audigy Pinout

Optical SPDIF out on a Soundblaster Audigy 2

A detailed pinout and instructions for using SPDIF via the Audigy 2.

Instrument Cluster Light Bulbs

LED’s in an instrument cluster

The power savings by using LED bulbs in a vehicle can be substantial. But how about replacing the small bulbs in an instrument cluster?

From regular to LED bulbs – How much of a power savings can you expect?

I measure the current pulled by regular automotive bulbs, and then by their LED replacements. The difference in power draw is substantial.

Rub a dub dub, 3 men in a tub (actually a boat).

A brief, but fun riddle that involves transporting 3 people in the shortest number of trips possible.

USB hub review – the i-rocks CRYSTAL IR-4300 4-port USB 2.0 powered hub

I grabbed my first ever USB hub – the i-rocks IR-4300 and gave it a whirl. Pictures, specs, and instructions are included.

Here’s a fun one… Vista drivers for the Samsung ML-1210 printer (shared over a network)

Installing the ML-1210 on Vista, and over a network is a painful combination. I managed to do it, but it took a lot of trial and error. You’ll see why.