Wiseman Riddle 1

The Four Wise-men, the Angry King, and the Hats.

An interesting, and somewhat challenging riddle with a story attached.

Buying a printer? Consider the cost of ink!

Far too often, people compare the prices of printers at face value. Years later, they may have spent 10X the amount in ink.

You should use a UPS with your computer.

A UPS is one of those things that should be a no-brainer. No, it’s not an exciting purchase. Know what else isn’t exciting? Brownouts, power surges, blackouts, and fried computers.

Review – Fortron Sparkle ATX-400PN – 400 Watt Power Supply (PSU)

A solid $40 power supply without frills.

Why your next PSU should be a high-efficiency one

Spoiler: Less wasted heat, less money wasted on electricity.

Webhosting Review – asmallorange.com

A fairly standard webhost review of asmallorange.

The Chitika Experiment…

In part 1, I go over a few reasons for trying out Chitika to begin with, and the experiment itself. In Part 2, I’m faced with disappointing early results, and try making a few changes, hoping for improvement.

Wake up and find you can’t move, breathe, or cry for help..?

My encounter with sleep paralysis.

Could a linux-based Google OS compete with Microsoft Windows?

Pondering the possibility of a Google-based operating system. Maybe one day?

Wireless High-Speed in Rural Manitoba

A look at the current (and limited) High Speed internet options in rural Manitoba.

Custom made mouse feet

Fixing worn out mouse feet

Fixing up worn out mouse feet with some common items.

Uh oh - Zenni lenses exposed to hot water

Cleaning eyeglasses without scratching

…because you wouldn’t want to clean glasses *with* leaving scratches, right?

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