130W unbranded LED grow light -

Disassembling a generic 130W (132x1W) UFO grow LED

Opening up another UFO grow light. This time, a 130W grow LED that uses 132x1W leds (SMD5630). I take a look at the internals, measure the voltage, make comparisons to previous leds, etc.

Quick Fix: Plastic Impact Sprinkler sticking

If you got one (or more!) of the low cost plastic spring-loaded impact sprinklers that tend to come in 2-packs, you may have found that one (or both) of them have a tendency to stop rotating. Whether it’s made by Orbit, Yardworks, Nelson, or another brand, the plastic models tend to be cheaply made and a

SWTOR going F2P this fall

SWTOR, one of the best MMO’s ever made is going Free-To-Play this fall. A little sad, but not unexpected for a number of reasons.

NCIX has gone downhill (cyaz)

For years I was an avid fan of NCIX. Over time, they’ve managed to become one of retailers I now try to avoid.