Prime95 for Mac OS X

UPDATE: Prime 95 can now be found on the main site. You can find the download section (including the Mac OS X version) at

Anyone familiar with stress testing in Windows is probably familiar with Prime 95. Problem is, if you head to the website, you won’t find a link to a Mac OS X version.


Head to their *forums* however, and you’ll come across this thread which has links to download the latest beta version (25.6) for a few operating systems, including Mac OS X!  Only downside is the link is broken (it’s missing the .org in Either fix it manually in the URL bar, or click here [ftp://mersenne/gimps/mprime256-MacOSX.tar.gz] to download it.

Just so you’re not in for a surprise… the Mac version is all text-based. No fuzzy GUI like in the windows version. Run the program and a terminal window will open. However, it’s still easy to use, and still great for stress testing your machine. If you’re in the middle of stress testing and want to cancel and go to the main menu, hit CTRL-C.

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