Cleaning eyeglasses without scratching

Last night, just before I went to bed at 5am, I had a beer and started brainstorming (as happens naturally when I drink for some reason). My first thought for an article was about how to clean glasses. I became interested in this sort of thing when I ordered my first pair of glasses from . Those who know me know that I really like to “delve into the details” when I start researching even the most simple thing, so I thought I’d put my knowledge to good use and share what I’ve learned. I’ll post a link when it’s up, but here are some of the basic points I listed at the end which sum up the article quite well:

  • Never clean glasses without having them wet
  • Use only water and cleaners made specifically for eyeglasses
  • If you must rub, only use a micro-fiber cloth
  • Buy glasses that have scratch-resistance and (preferably) water-repellance
  • The best way to clean is with warm water, mild dish soap, and your finger tips, letting the lenses drip dry, or using a clean micro-fiber cloth to rub them.

The article contains more, such as why kleenex and windex are both bad ideas, but rather than ramble twice within an hour, I’ll let you all read the article when I get it posted.

Update: The full fledged article is up at https:/