My Samsung SyncMaster 206BW lcd monitor review

A bit of a look at the Samsung monitor I bought.

Optical SPDIF out on a Soundblaster Audigy 2

A detailed pinout and instructions for using SPDIF via the Audigy 2.

Logitech G5 vs Creative Fatal1ty 1010

A peek at a couple different mice.

Printer review – Windows XP and OS X 10.4.7 – Epson Stylus Photo R220

Epson’s Photo R220 and an overview when it comes to installing on an XP machine, and a Mac.

USB hub review – the i-rocks CRYSTAL IR-4300 4-port USB 2.0 powered hub

I grabbed my first ever USB hub – the i-rocks IR-4300 and gave it a whirl. Pictures, specs, and instructions are included.

Printers, printers, printers…

Not *quite* a rant about printers and ink, but feel free to convert it into your own rant.

Logitech Premium USB Stereo Headset 350 review

A look at Logitech’s headset, and some problems I ran into 2-days in.

Gigabyte GA-8I915ME-GL motherboard review

A look at the GA-8I915ME-GL motherboard. Fairly spec oriented, though I do include screenshots of the BIOS as well.

NITS M15AAA 15″ LCD Monitor Review

A look at a monitor that nobody’s ever heard about from a company that nobody’s ever heard about.

Buying a printer? Consider the cost of ink!

Far too often, people compare the prices of printers at face value. Years later, they may have spent 10X the amount in ink.

You should use a UPS with your computer.

A UPS is one of those things that should be a no-brainer. No, it’s not an exciting purchase. Know what else isn’t exciting? Brownouts, power surges, blackouts, and fried computers.

Review – Fortron Sparkle ATX-400PN – 400 Watt Power Supply (PSU)

A solid $40 power supply without frills.

Dead ABIT bios? ABIT will send you a new one free!

Even more interesting: People manage to kill enough motherboards that ABit makes it easy to get the new BIOS to begin with.

Why your next PSU should be a high-efficiency one

Spoiler: Less wasted heat, less money wasted on electricity.

Fixing worn out mouse feet

Fixing up worn out mouse feed with some common items.