A quick Antec NSK2480 user review…

The Antec NSK2480 is… well… an Antec. Nice and quiet, cools well, but I did run into a few issues.

Having trouble undervolting? Do more undervolting!

Usually, more voltage helps fight against stability problems. When hitting stability problems on the Maximus GENE-Z, I found that UNDER-volting was the solution.

Sandy Bridge undervolting – offset vs manual – observations

I spent some time trying to see whether a BIOS offset voltage or manual voltage allowed the best undervolting results on Sandy Bridge.

Intel’s HD 3000 – not as constrained on memory bandwidth as you might think…

Contrary to what I’d read elsewhere, faster RAM speed was providing faster iGPU performance on my Sandy Bridge processor.

The NP-Q460 box.

A quick Samsung Q460 laptop review

It’s always tough to find a mid-range laptop with a mid-range dedicated GPU at a low cost. But the Samsung Q460 fit the bill. Here’s a closer look.

Cooler Master Storm Scout filtration review (and modding)

CM’s Storm Scout is one of the few full-sized cases that have handy carry handles. Instead of a gaming-focus, I look at filtration and methods of minimizing the dust that enters this beast.

Jailbreaking, and installing Plex on the Apple TV 2

I jailbroke my AppleTV 2, installed Plex, and documented the procedure.

D-Link DIR-825 router review – poor design for the low price of $150

My D-Link DIR-825 came with a heatsink that looks like… well… not a heatsink. How it cost over $100 is beyond me.

Thoughts on the Antec 300

Yet another Antec review – this time, the 300.

OCZ 600SXS StealthXStream power supply review – (hint: it’s in the trash)

It may as well have been a no-name PSU to be honest….

ASUS M4A785-M review – overclocking the 6-core AMD Phenom II X6 1055T at stock voltage

I got one of the most cost-effective 6-core setups you can put together, did some overclocking, and watched the heat.

Asus P5KPL-CM and BSEL pin volt mods – Don’t bother, they don’t work.

My failed attempts at pin modding the P5KPL-CM motherboards.

Overclocking the i3 540 on the Gigabyte H55M-UD2H past 4Ghz

Pushing the i3 540 past 4Ghz!

Time Capsule 1TB uses the WD Caviar Green

I wasn’t sure what hard drive would be in my Time Capsule (purchased in Canada). Pulling it apart, it turns out it’s the WD Caviar Green – not bad!

Boot Camp and the Apple Wireless Mouse not working

Apple’s “Magic Mouse” works fine in Mac OS X. On Windows through BootCamp though… that’s another matter.

in-win BL-631 case review – small, packed, and mostly quiet with decent airflow

The in-win BL-631 is a fairly small case, with a packed interior. I go over an installation and mention the quirks and qualms I ran into.

The fix when the P5KPL-CM won’t sleep

Who would have thought a motherboard wouldn’t sleep because of a default jumper setting?

Samsung ML-1210 and Windows 7 – the driver

Getting the Samsung ML-1210 driver to work well with Windows 7 wasn’t straightforward. Fortunately, the trick to get it working is easy.

Reducing the Northbridge temps on the MSI X58 PRO-E motherboard

The northbridge on the X58 PRO-E is notorious for getting hot. I walk through the process of pulling the heatsinks and applying new paste to bring those temps down.

Antec Sonata III case review

I look at the Sonata III with a comparison against the old piano-finish variant.