NITS M15AAA 15″ LCD Monitor Review

Today I purchased a used Nits Technology M15AAA 15″ LCD Monitor. It’s ivory (white), with 2 built in speakers, and a total of 5 buttons on the front. Rather than pain you by trying to describe the other physical details, here are a couple pictures of it from the front:


Clicking on either of the thumbnails will bring up a full sized picture. Yes it’s the same monitor, The first shot is with the monitor turned off, and no flash. The second shot is with the monitor on, and the flash on.

Finding details about this Nits monitor on the web was rather painful. Nits Technology is not exactly the biggest name in North America. After some searching, I found that they have a Taiwan site as well as a Holland site (edit: both sites appear to be down). Unfortunately, there is absolutely no mention about this particular model on their site, although they did have some information and manuals for other models of LCD Monitors. The only information I could find was at Tricell Communications who apparantly sells the monitor for a whopping $469, and gives the following statistics:

  • 15 inch TFT Active Matrix LCD Monitor
  • Contrast Ratio: 350:1
  • Maximum resolution: 1024×768 (XGA)
  • Brightness: 250 CD/M2
  • Internal Speakers: 2W x2 (Stereo)
  • Compatibility: Up to 1024×768@75Hz (Non-Interlaced)

Since there wasn’t a box or manual included with my used purchase, I can’t verify that information – not that it matters a heck of a lot anyway, since a) that information is barely informative as it is, and; b) LCD Manufacturers have been known to lie bend the truth and/or create statistics based upon non-standard test methods anyway.

The monitor has no dead pixels, and has 1 stuck red pixel towards the lower right corner, about where the windows taskbar meets the rest of the screen. I can be picky, but I highly doubt this will ever bother me. The surprising part about the monitor is that there is no noticable ‘ghosting’ at all. Being a bit older, I expected that the response time might be a little poor, but I was wrong. One thing the seller mentioned to me was that it “plays games great”, which turned out to be true.

The buttons were sticky (nothing a little WD-40 couldn’t fix), and the speaker grilles were a little dirty. To adjust the volume, you have to go into the menu 3 button presses, which is a pain. The menu itself isn’t the best one I’ve ever used, but it works. Aside from those issues, this is looking to be one heck of an excellent little 15″ monitor. If you come across one for sale used and are in the market, it may be worth a look.