PST online payments in Manitoba

Paying PST online in Manitoba (for retail sales for example) is now possible. However, unless you scroll down the page on the Manitoba Finance website (it’s not currently among the links where you’d expect to find it – there’s a banner below all the information), you may not see it.

It’s called TAXcess, and can be found at:

I recommend reading through all the information on the site, however here are a few basics that may be helpful to know:

  • Signing up is relatively quick and easy, with a few minor annoyances (for instance, make sure you precisely follow the telephone number example¬†– otherwise it’ll just reset the form without the password with no indication of what you did wrong).
  • While it claims that it may take a day or two to receive the response email with your activation code, I received the activation code instantly. However this was done on a business day – it’s possible that the system doesn’t do new activations on weekends/holidays or that manual intervention is needed if your information doesn’t match their records 100%.
  • By default, signing up means that you will not get forms in the mail anymore. You’ll be e-mailed reminders instead. This can apparantly be switched off in the preferences/options when signed in.
  • The only payment method currently is direct withdrawl from a bank account.¬†They have instructions for entering your direct withdrawl information (which you can pull from a cheque) if you’re not familar with bank/branch/account numbers.
  • It appears as though you may be able to file without making the payment (although you’ll still be required to make the payment somehow by the due date). I haven’t tested this.

Again, I recommend thoroughly reading through the information on the website. There may be a few other quirks, but hopefully the above captures the gist of things. Naturally, this is all subject to change.