FreeNAS error while installing – the fix

For those installing FreeNAS to a USB drive, a common error message is as follows:

gzip: stdout: Broken pip
Error: Failed to dd image on ‘/dev/da0’
Unmount CDROM.
There was a problem while copying files.

Fortunately, the fix is easy.

Step 1: Restart the computer WITHOUT the USB drive plugged in.
Step 2: Let the Live CD boot completely until you’re back at the same menu.
Step 3: Plug the USB drive in, then choose the option to install. It should now work.

From what I read when looking around, it looks like while the CD boots it installs some temporary files of some sort to the USB drive if it’s plugged in at the time, which causes the above error. Just wait until it’s finished booting – the installer’s smart enough to find your USB drive once it’s plugged in.