The fix when the P5KPL-CM won’t sleep

We’ve got a couple ASUS P5KPL-CM motherboards, and when we’d try to put them to sleep, well they’d wake right back up again. Immediately. Everything powers down, you get the click, then it immediately wakes from sleep. This happened both in Windows 7 as well as in Mac OS X Snow Leopard (a hackintosh install)

I wrote one before about sleep issues in Vista – It’s possible that a similar change in device manager would work in Windows 7, but here’s another way to fix it, in all your operating systems, for good:

It’s the little jumper you see here circled in green, located on your motherboard (I made sure to get the rear ports and CPU fan in the picture to help you locate it). By default, ASUS has in on the left 2 pins.

Pop it off and put it on the right 2 pins (as shown in the picture).

For whatever reason, ASUS is addicted to putting this jumper in the other position by default, which always causes problems with sleep. I don’t remember the specifics of what it does, but it’s got something to do with standby voltage being put through the USB ports.

In any case, both Windows 7 and Snow Leopard properly go to sleep after this change, and can still be awoken by hitting a key on your USB keyboard. If your P5KPL-CM doesn’t sleep, give it a try.

  • Paul

    Hi. many, many thanks for this, worked like a charm on my P5KPL-AM motherboard. Keep up the great work.

  • Vince

    Freaking awesome! It works. Thank you so much.

  • Jesus

    Thanks mate, I was about to discard my mobo as faulty, but then I found this. Keep up the good work, these tips are priceless!

  • PaulD

    Thank you dude, just thank you, ok. 3 years of my HTPC running 24/7, putting wear and tear on all parts and finally at 6AM morning from night of troubleshooting I found this blog, THANKS GOD!

  • CreativeMad

    Oh man…
    I thought my mobo died and it was this jumper… I have P5QPL-AM… And i guess all asus mobos have same thing… When in default position i.e. switched in pin 1 and 2, my pc would boot some time and sometimes wouldn’t… Now in this config its working fine.. Thank GOD… Thanks to you too man…

  • trout

    that fixed my computer. i also have an asrock board that has a similar jumper setting but it doesn’t give me problems

  • Bruinwar

    Searching the net numerous times in different ways I finally hit on this blog posting… eurrrrRRREKA!! A while back I bought the ASUS P5KPL-CM for upgrading my wife’s machine. It just would not go into standby, ever. I had thought there was something wrong with her XP build but when we moved all our machines to Win7 her problem persisted. -lastwake was showing it to be a USB problem but for the life of me I could not figure out how fix it.

    She was turning off her monitor, a 26″ Vizio TN panel, manually & I think that may have caused it to fry. Now she has my old 26″ Vizio. The new 28″ Hanns-G replacement won’t fit on her desk so I got stuck with it. 😉 Costco actually gave me a full refund on the broken monitor & the new one came from

    Thanks for posting the clear solution.

  • Skool

    If anyone is interested, this jumper is called the USB device wake-up (3-pin PS2_USBPW1-8).

  • Jakes

    Thanks a lot! I have a P5KPL-E and experienced the same problem. This led me on the right track. I had to move two jumpers regarding USB wake-up and it works now.

  • ALY

    I had the same problem…FOR A LONG TIME. I blamed Vista, but you are right. It was the motherboard.

  • Joe

    Thanks SO much for this… I just got one of these mobos the other day and was a little perplexed that it wouldn’t sleep properly, nice one on pointing out what the issue was. Definitely didn’t think it would be Asus being stupid with a jumper. Saved me a lot of sleepless nights. 😛