Warcraft Maps

Welcome to Warcraft Maps !

Here you’ll find various Warcraft III custom maps available for free download. These include Tower Defenses (also known as TD’s), custom maps, custom games, and just about any Warcraft 3 map you might want to play over Battle.net, on a LAN, or in some cases even single-player. For the most part, I’ve focused on the more popular maps, and the best maps I’ve played over the years, but there are also some oldies here as well.

Using the top “Warcraft-Maps” menu above, or the links to the pages below, start browsing and enjoy!


Reasons to bookmark this page as your Warcraft maps resource:

  • All maps are free. There is absolutely no charge to download.
  • No registration required.
  • No pop-ups or pop-unders!
  • Maps are in the native Warcraft III formats, .w3m (Reign of Chaos) and .w3x (Frozen Throne). This means no unzipping to the hard drive. Just download and play!


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