Top and bottom bars won’t disappear in Windows Media Player

A silly little issue that one of our computers was faced with… the top and bottom bars (fullscreen controls) in WMP10 weren’t automatically disappearing. It’s a simple problem with a simple fix fortunately. If the same thing is happening to you, here are a few quick fixes that you can try. Try #1 first, if that doesn’t work, go to #2, and so on…

  1. Make sure the mouse cursor is in the middle of the screen. If it’s placed over one of the bars, they won’t disappear.
  2. Make sure the “pin” is unchecked in the top right corner.
  3. Click Tools/Options/Performance/Advanced and UNCHECK “Display full-screen controls”. Note that the full-screen controls will never display, so you will have to return to windowed mode to use the onscreen controls (ALT-ENTER or double-click in the middle of the screen to change modes).
  4. Re-install (or upgrade to a new version of) Media Player if all else fails.