the fix – Arjuna X theme broken by WordPress 3.5 update

Update: I’ve forked Arjuna into a new theme called Jishnu which I released on Jan 25 2013. You can download it (or read up on it) on the Jishnu page, if you think it’s something that might tickle your fancy.


So, I upgraded to WordPress 3.5 and when trying to create a new post, I was having problems. Unresponsive buttons, things freezing… it wasn’t so pleasant. Switching to a different theme worked, but… I kinda liked Arjuna.

Unfortunately, the Arjuna X theme hasn’t seen an update in quite some time. So this is looking to be one of those “gotta fix it yourself” situations.

The good news is that it’s not incredibly hard to fix. And I’m going to provide the file you need, too! But just before doing that, let’s make sure you’re having the SAME problem. Here’s a screenshot with some of the problem areas when creating/editing a post:

Arjuna X buttons not working

(in case the image breaks one day…), these were the key problems:

  • Add Media button wouldn’t work.
  • Trying to switch between Visual and Text tabs didn’t work.
  • Adding a link didn’t work. When I tried to mod config.php with the define( ‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false ); stuff to work around the 2 above issues, I was in for a painful surprise where “add link” would pop up in the very bottom left of the screen (after scrolling down all the way), and then never go away, requiring some trickery to keep from losing everything I’d typed up until that point.


The problem and the fix:

Problem is, the old jquery-ui-1.8.10.custom.min.js file. Yep, a javascript file included with the theme is too old (currently the latest version is 1.9.2).

The path to it from your wordpress installation is generally:



The best fix:

The best fix, if you’re up for editing your functions.php file is actually located in the WordPress forums (click here to jump right to Otto’s post).


Simple fix:

If you aren’t comfortable dabbling in a php file, the simple way to fix it is to replace the old javascript file with the new version. I’ve put up a copy here for you (this is ACTUALLY 1.9.2, it’s renamed for reasons you’ll see below):

jquery-ui-1.8.10.custom.min.js (right-click, save-as) (zipped)

Download it, unzip (if you grabbed the .zip) and toss it in:



Again, note that the files I linked above are actually version 1.9.2! I renamed it to 1.8.10 so that we can just copy over the old one (you’ll notice this one is very slightly larger than your original) without having to edit the theme. You might want to rename the old one something like .old or .bak and put a note in the directory just in case you have issues down the line, like so:

Arjuna X broken - new js file

Of course, if you’d rather name it the “correct” query-ui-1.9.2.custom.min.js you can, but be aware that you’ll have to look in the theme to see where it’s referenced, and do some theme editing there.

Finally, note that you will usually HAVE to force-refresh your browser while logged in as admin for it to take effect. SHIFT-refresh or CTRL-refresh will typically do it. If that doesn’t work for you, you may have to empty your browser cache. If even *that* doesn’t work for you, make sure your webserver isn’t serving you a cached version of the old file.


Less-simple fix:

Downloading the one I threw up is quickest. But if you’re the untrusting type (in other words if you think I’m sneaky!), you can build the file yourself at . By default, everything is selected which will give you a whopping 238KB file, much larger than the original ~30KB file included with the theme.

You probably don’t want that.

To limit your build to be similar to the original that came with Arjuna X, these are the options you will have to select (it should give you an identical file to the one I provided above, weighing in at ~30KB):

  • Core
  • Widget
  • Mouse
  • Draggable

Only select those 4, and you should be good to go. Build, download, and either rename the file or edit your theme.

Again, you’ll have to force-refresh your browser while logged into the admin section for it to take effect.


The option that doesn’t tend to work:

I mentioned the following earlier, inserted in config.php:

define( 'CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false );


It was the first thing I tried but when adding a link the editor would still choke. That said, if you’re still having goofy issues and are absolutely certain that your browser grabbed the new .js instead of using the old cached version, this could be worth a try.

And… hopefully that solves it for you. If you’ve come up with a better or more elegant solution (or if you noticed I made any mistakes here), feel free to leave a comment below!