The easiest way to insert ads within content in Joomla 1.5

Joomla has a pile of extensions that can be used to insert ads into Joomla content. I tried about 10, and they all had a lot of limiting things about them…

  • Often support only 1 type/style of ad
  • Many have “broken” things about them (won’t display colors properly etc)
  • In the case of adsense, many have very limiting options
  • Some force you to choose a position, and if you choose LEFT or RIGHT, it’ll wrap all your text around it – something you may not necessarily want.

I decided just to forget the adsense-oriented stuff and and find something that would let me just plug in my adsense code somewhere, and then insert my Adsense code easily into content whenever and whereever I wanted. It turns out an addon called “Jumi” was the way to go.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Find the Jumi extension in Joomla’s site. I found it in the Most Favored section, but if the link doesn’t change much you may be able to get it here.¬†Download and install it into Joomla.
  2. Enable Jumi from the PLUGIN MANAGER section. There’s also a Jumi in the module manager section, but for my purpose I was able to leave that one disabled.
  3. From the admin menu, choose Components, Jumi. Click NEW to make a new one.
  4. In the new one, simply paste your adsense code in the custom script section. Choose whatever Title and Alias you want and hit save.
  5. Once you’ve hit save and are looking at the Jumi applications, take a look at the new one you created and look for the ID on the far right. This is the ID for your new Jumi code. In my case, Jumi already had a couple pre-installed, so mine was number 3. Remember whatever number yours is.
  6. Go ahead and edit/create whatever content pages / articles you want the ad in. Once you get to a point in the article / content page where you want to put the ad, simply type in the following:
    {jumi [*3]}
    Replace 3 with whatever ID number your new Jumi application used.
  7. Save your content page and check it out. Your ad should now be displaying!


NOTE that if it’s not displaying, you may have to take a look at the content page. You might have to directly edit the HTML if whatever WYSIWYG editor decides to put a bunch of formatting on your {jumi [*3]} tag. The default built-in Joomla editor (TinyMCE) has an option to do this by clicking the “HTML” button located with all the other formatting stuff at the top. If you’ve verified it’s there, make sure you typed everything correctly, refreshed the page, and if necessary, viewed the source from your webbrowser to see if something’s acting funky.

A final note – there’s a lot of information on the Jumi website. You can throw your code into a php file if you’d prefer, or do a multitude of other things. For me, this is simple enough, I can customize it enough, and it works.

I myself had 0 problems, and am thrilled I found this extension. If you know of another one that you think might be better (or if you think Jumi’s utterly terrible and can’t fathom why I’d be using it), feel free to leave a comment below!