renaming “board index” in phpBB3

Just a tiny annoyance… I didn’t like “board index” showing as the root all the time and simply wanted to change it to say the site forum. If you’ve googled for anything related to “board index” though, you’ve probably been bombarded with a bagillion unhelpful hits, since… well by default those words show up on every single phpBB3 site.

Anyway, here’s how you change it…

1) Browse to your /forum/styles/prosilver/template directory (substitute “prosilver” with whatever template you happen to be using).

2) Edit overall_header.html .

3) Find the line called:

<li class=”icon-home”><a href=”{U_INDEX}” accesskey=”h”>{L_INDEX}</a> <!– BEGIN navlinks –> <strong>&#8249;</strong> <a href=”{navlinks.U_VIEW_FORUM}”>{navlinks.FORUM_NAME}</a><!– END navlinks –></li>

4) Simply replace {L_INDEX} with whatever you want it to say (i’ve bold/italicized it above). For example, if you replace it with “The Super Awesome Forum”, you’ll have something that looks like this:

<li class=”icon-home”><a href=”{U_INDEX}” accesskey=”h”>The Super Awesome Forum</a> <!– BEGIN navlinks –> <strong>&#8249;</strong> <a href=”{navlinks.U_VIEW_FORUM}”>{navlinks.FORUM_NAME}</a><!– END navlinks –></li>

5) Save, then in the administrative panel, go to Styles / Templates and Refresh the template. You might have to delete the cache as well.

That’s it. You should be good to go.

You of course already know this, but BACK UP YOUR FILES AND YOUR DATABASE FIRST. For those who don’t know, phpBB3 keeps your template info in the database, and if you change the template from within phpBB3, it may have changed the database but not the template (as opposed to when you manually edit/upload the template file itself and it does the exact opposite – hence the required refresh to make template changes show up). So yes, back it all up just in case.

Finally to give credit where it’s due, I found the info in a post from klaatu in the phpBB forums where he was giving info on how to change the link to point somewhere else. I’d link the thread, but you need to be logged in to see it (I had to pull it from a google cache). If you have an account there and want to look it up (or actually change the board index link itself), the thread itself is called [Tutorial] Changing “Board Index” to point somewhere else.