Pop-unders with Burst! Media

As much as I despise pop-unders, they look better and better as you realize that you’re paying more and more for bandwidth. Here I’m talking about my Warcraft-Maps.com website which pulls in almost nothing and yet is the most costly to run. I hate popups/popunders/layers/etc as much as the next guy, and from the start I decided I wouldn’t use them. But after being forced to upgrade my webhosting twice so far (and probably again by the end of the year), I’ve decided that popunders aren’t such a bad idea after all. Bandwidth can be painfully expensive when you’re using it to provide free downloads.

Regardless, enough about me and more about Burst! Media.

I currently use both Burst and Valueclick to provide advertising on Warcraft-Maps. Both happen to offer popunders which is what I was wanting to use. By chance, I came across a couple messages in the Burst forums from back in 2004 which were quite helpful. I’ve condensed the information here.


There are a couple ways to show pops through Burst. Before doing anything though, you’ve got to go to AdExec/AdSelect, enable the pops of your choice, then click “Save” at the bottom. After that, go to AdExec/AdProfile, and make sure your Auto-Select options are what you want them to be (for example, uncheck the PopUp/PopUnder campaigns). Finally, under AdExec/AdProfile, in the top left there’s a selection box called “Select Profile”. From that selection box, choose “Creative Profile”, and you’ll be able to set up the maximum number of pops per browser session that you’re willing to assault your viewers with. With that done, choose one of the following 2 methods for displaying the pops:

  1. Included in the banner code – This is the simple solution. Choose AdCode/SourceCode, and in the “Above-the-scroll” section, make sure you allow intrusive creatives (may look something like this):allowintrusivecreative.png
    That’s it. Now generate the code, place it in your webpage(s), and you’re good to go. It takes a little while for Burst to actually see the changes, but within a couple of hours, Burst should be serving some pops.
  2. Separate code – If you want to place pops on pages that do not have the Above-the-scroll banner, OR you want to use the Burst pops as a default for another ad provider, this is what you want. First, if the pops are going to be placed on pages that also have the Above-the-scroll banner, you want to make sure you do NOT allow intrusive creatives (may looks something like this):
    Generate that code and make sure it’s used on the pages where you want to have the above-the-scroll banner AND the separate pop code. Next, you’ve got to head back toward the top of the page and look for this:
    You want to click on the part that says “V1.1Y Independent Pop Code”. It will bring up a new page with code to stick in each of your webpages where you want the pop to show.
  3. Alternately.. using Burst pops as a default for another ad provider – Each provider may work slightly differently, but you’ll begin with the steps for option #2 above. Since the instructions I found in the Burst forums were well written and helpful, I’ll just quote what I read here:
    Posted: Fri Jul 16, 2004 4:32 am Post subject:  

    Burst used to bundle their pop code in their banner code, but they now offer separate pop-only code. And I don’t think you need to convert anything to .js since burst will actually give you a javascript url you can use.Here are the steps, starting from the Burst site:Click on “Source Code” under AdCode in the left column of your homepage. Click on the Source Code link under Getting Started. Then scroll down a bit under the first section (Javascript Server Side Include Code) and look for the link “V1.1Y Independent Pop Code”. This gives you a small piece of HTML code (which is basically a javascript call) that generates the burst pop ad.Fastclick expects a javascript file and not pure html code for it’s pop default, so the piece you’re interested in is the src in this burst javascript call. Just copy the url between the quotes. Now, login to your Fastclick account and navigate to the page to add a new pop-under default, then paste the Burst JS url into the “Pop-Under JavaScript URL” field. Then, change the portion of the url that says “RANDOM_NUMBER” to “RANDOMID” (without the quotes) to use FC’s cache-busting feature. Click the Update button to save.After saving, click on “Pop-Under Test ” near the top of the page. This should open a test page, which should then spawn a burst popunder (or popup if you’ve selected any of those on Burst). Note that this will only work once per session, or however you’ve set up your parameters in Burst. If you don’t see a pop, clear your cookies and click “Pop-Under Test” again.

    By the way, here’s how to locate the well-hidden page to adjust your Burst pop parameters:

    AdExec -> AdProfile button -> Creative Profile (in the drop-down box at upper right). That’s where you can specify the max number of Burst popups, popunders, and layer ads to display per browser session.

    Hope this helps!
    Alumbo! Self-Help Supersite