The experiment – Mac OS X on a regular “white box” PC – Part III

The 3rd part of the experiment – a non-detailed install on another machine, and a few observations.

The experiment – Mac OS X on a regular “white box” PC – Part II

The 2nd part of the experiment – the full installation process with images.

The experiment – Mac OS X on a regular “white box” PC – Part I

The 1st part of the experiement – setup, software, and hardware.

Gigabyte GA-8I915ME-GL motherboard review

A look at the GA-8I915ME-GL motherboard. Fairly spec oriented, though I do include screenshots of the BIOS as well.

My experiences with the Zen Cart open source (free) e-commerce shopping cart system

A first-time look at the Zen Cart system.

Adding Adsense within the posts of your WordPress blog

Jamming ads within WordPress posts with an adsense deluxe plugin.

Kill A Watt P4400 Review

A short look at the Kill A Watt power device – an item that helps you check the power consumption of each of your devices.

301 Redirect from WWW to non-WWW (and back) through .htaccess

Doing a 301 redirect to drop the WWW on a website through Apache rewrite rules in .htaccess .

3 prong outlet jumpered neutral to ground example

Why can’t you connect neutral to ground to convert an outlet from 2-prong to 3-prong?

Another riddle (sort of). I suppose it could be a PSA too.

NITS M15AAA 15″ LCD Monitor Review

A look at a monitor that nobody’s ever heard about from a company that nobody’s ever heard about.

The Four Wise-men, the Angry King, and the Hats.

An interesting, and somewhat challenging riddle with a story attached.

Buying a printer? Consider the cost of ink!

Far too often, people compare the prices of printers at face value. Years later, they may have spent 10X the amount in ink.

You should use a UPS with your computer.

A UPS is one of those things that should be a no-brainer. No, it’s not an exciting purchase. Know what else isn’t exciting? Brownouts, power surges, blackouts, and fried computers.

from to self-hosted WordPress

Here I go over my reasons for switching from Blogger to the “self hosted” WordPress.

Review – Fortron Sparkle ATX-400PN – 400 Watt Power Supply (PSU)

A solid $40 power supply without frills.

Dead ABIT bios? ABIT will send you a new one free!

Even more interesting: People manage to kill enough motherboards that ABit makes it easy to get the new BIOS to begin with.

Why your next PSU should be a high-efficiency one

Spoiler: Less wasted heat, less money wasted on electricity.

URL Subdomain Redirection – how and why?

I set up a free subdomain redirection service.

The Chitika Experiment Part II – tweaking the Chitika and Adsense ads

In Part 2, I’m faced with disappointing early results, and try making a few changes, hoping for improvement.

Webhosting Review –

A fairly standard webhost review of asmallorange.