Finding programs to install on your new computer

Some great “must have” programs to install on your computer in 2008.

KB935458 v2 – Vista hotfix for TcpAckFrequency

Vista + World Of Warcraft + high latency can often be reduced by installing a patch and then setting the TCPAckFrequency properly as shown.

Experiences and thoughts on Vista’s Media Center on an HTPC

A detailed look for 2007 at Windows Media Center.

Optical SPDIF out on a Soundblaster Audigy 2

A detailed pinout and instructions for using SPDIF via the Audigy 2.

Getting sound to work in Vista with the ASUS P5PE-VM

Vista drivers and installation process for audio on the ASUS P5PE-VM.

Pop-unders with Burst! Media

I took a look at implementing pop-under ads (ugh, I know…) via Burst Media.

LED’s in an instrument cluster

The power savings by using LED bulbs in a vehicle can be substantial. But how about replacing the small bulbs in an instrument cluster?

Sprint valve burnt because the valve was not closing

Turns out that in a running engine, if an exhaust valve doesn’t close all the way, it burns up.

removing .DS_Store

.DS_Store files generally don’t cause problems (aside from bothering me). They bothered me enough to remove them, via this process.

Pay as You Go vs term/contract cell phones

A look at pay-as-you-go plans vs the contract stuff. Depending on your usage, one might be a great deal and the other might be a horrible deal.

Warcraft III not running without elevated priviledges – the fix!

Trying to run Warcraft III in a limited user environment was problematic. Turns out a couple fancy commands can make it less problematic.

Logitech G5 vs Creative Fatal1ty 1010

A peek at a couple different mice.

My HUGE forum pet-peeve

Few things drive me insane, but one of the common forum responses I frequently come across during searches is easily near the top of the list.

How to update the semthex Mac OS X kernel (10.4.8)

A quick way to update the semthex kernel with a few commands (use at your own risk).

Interesting times in the world of the OSx86project

If nothing else, you have to admit that OSx86 is interesting. Here are a few developments going on.

MTS blocks port 25

Options for getting around Manitoba’s favorite telecom service’s block on port 25.

From regular to LED bulbs – How much of a power savings can you expect?

I measure the current pulled by regular automotive bulbs, and then by their LED replacements. The difference in power draw is substantial.

Rub a dub dub, 3 men in a tub (actually a boat).

A brief, but fun riddle that involves transporting 3 people in the shortest number of trips possible.

Low CPC’s from Adsense – Is going to a CPM worth it? My test with Burst Media (Part 3)

Part 3 (the final results) of my look at Burst as a possible alternative to low-paying Adsense Ads.

Low CPC’s from Adsense – Is going to a CPM worth it? My test with Burst Media (Part 2)

Part 2 of my look at Burst as a possible alternative to low-paying Adsense Ads – set-up, the first day, and ad-chaining.