WoW (World of Warcraft) installer not running on iDeneb 1.3 – MacOS X 10.5.6

WoW was being a bit problem on the hackintosh, refusing to install. Fortunately, it was a quick little fix.

Windows 7 Beta – some thoughts and analysis

My own look at the Windows 7 Beta.

Joomla – show menus (always show submenus)

Joomla’s full of options – trying to show submenus all the time was one that took a while to find.

The Fix – DarkStar One crashing in Windows 7

DarkStar One was crashing in Windows 7. The solution involves deleting and installing some new files, but isn’t too challenging.

Darkstar One – getting to Odia

In DarkStar One, I was stuck trying to figure out how to get to Odia. Took a little searching, but I finally found it.

renaming “board index” in phpBB3

I hated “board index” showing up in phpBB3, and really wanted to customize it. It takes some template editing.

Windows XP + AHCI + ASUS P5K-e

Trying to install XP with a SATA DVD-ROM drive was causing issues.

NTFS folder-mounted drive sharing in Vista

Sharing over a network in Vista has never been an overly fun task. I’ve had to do it a couple times now, so put up some instructions here.

Driver for Vista x64 (64 bit) – Unknown device on Intel(R) ICH8/ICH8R Family LPC Interface Controller – 2810

Unknown devices in Windows are always a little frustrating, and certain motherboards are particularly problematic here. The unknown devices on the ASUS P5B-VM SE were solved with this driver.

The Intel Q6600 Overhaul – Lapping and going from the Stock Cooler to the Arctic Freezer Pro 7

A pretty in-depth look at lapping both a CPU and heatsink to try and improve the thermals.

The lapping test – reducing temps by lapping a CPU’s heatspreader & heatsink

Lapping a CPU – the process.

Online Riot – How Creative made people angry…

Creative Labs manages to alienate a large number of their remaining customers.

Prime95 for Mac OS X

Trying to find Prime 95 for the Mac was a little tricky. After a fair bit of searching, I finally came across the download link.

Detailed BIOS settings for the ASUS P5K-E WiFi-AP

Links to a couple other articles that contain BIOS settings for the P5K-E, just so I have them.

Numbers vs NeoOffice vs Microsoft Office – making a simple chart in a spreadsheet

Making a simple chart in common spreadsheet programs for the Mac, and some observations.

Intel E2140 + ASUS P5B-VM SE overclocking

A look at overclocking the E2140, and results!

My Samsung SyncMaster 206BW lcd monitor review

A bit of a look at the Samsung monitor I bought.

The “Kalyway” OSX 10.5.2 install experience – follow-up

A follow-up on the Kalyway OSX install experience I’d written about previously.

The “Kalyway” OSX 10.5.2 install experience

A lengthy run-through of the install process for Kalyway on the ASUS P5PE-VM motherboard.

Cache Handler showing as blank in Joomla

It turned out that a cache issue in Joomla was caused by inadequate permissions.