New WordPress plugins available over the last couple weeks.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the veery top-right menu (who am I kidding?!), you may have noticed it’s a little less empty. I put together a couple WordPress plugins, and they’re free if you can make use of them.

The most recent is “Remove Protocol”. If you’ve been browsing this site via SSL/HTTPS (at ), you just might have noticed the little lock in your web browser’s address bar. If you are using Google Chrome, it looks something like this:

Chrome green lock in address bar

Or… it’s supposed to. It might have looked like this instead:

Chrome Warning lock in the address bar due to mixed content

The top one means that your connection to my server is secure. Not that it really matters to most people (I’m not a bank, asking for your credit card information, and we’re not in a secret cult), but privacy is always good. Incidentally, different browsers display these locks in different ways (Chrome’s is just the nicest).

Anyway, every time I’d plunk in a new post, I’d forget to manually edit all the image links to jive, and the 2nd type of lock would show up. I finally got that system worked out and then a plugin started doing the same thing to me.

“THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY!” I thought to myself in a Frank Costanza tone. And there was! I put together a plugin.

Remove Protocol is that plugin. It’s pretty simple, and if you are having mixed-content issues on your own site (if you’re using WordPress and have SSL the answer to that is probably yes), feel free to check it out.

The other plugin I mentioned is quite a bit different. It keeps track of every time somebody hits a 404 page on your site, and lets you look through those and set up a redirect.

Of course, if somebody hits a non-existent page today and you don’t set up a redirect until tomorrow, that might help future visitors but doesn’t really help that first guy much, does it? So this plugin ALSO shows visitors a list of pages they *might* have been wanting to get to, right on that 404 page. The idea is that instead of clicking “back”, they’ll see a link to the page they were trying to go to, and will get there.

Even better, if the bad link they followed was only a couple characters off, the plugin will usually figure that out and redirect them automatically.

Anyway, that plugin is called 404 Redirect Reloaded. It’s forked from a plugin that already had all that cool functionality but was fairly broken and appeared to be abandoned. Take a look-see if it’s something you might be interested in.


That about covers things for now, although coming up soon in the free Jishnu theme, I’ve improved some of the handling for multi-page posts. It finally addresses the issue where /page/ and /page/1/ are both links to the same content (and duplicate content!). That /page/1/ is about to go away. So keep an eye out for the next version in the next few weeks.