Low CPC’s from Adsense – Is going to a CPM worth it? My test with Burst Media (Part 3)

Well the results (short-term anyway) are in. From what I can tell, Bursts ads are performing similarly to the poorly-paying Adsense ads on the site listed in Part I and Part II. In fact, they’ve been exceeding the performance of the old Adsense ads by about 10-20%, although since it’s only been 6 days since the intial post, I hardly have enough information to be certain that they will keep performing. However, the indications thus far look good.


You might think that performing similarly to the Adsense ads is a bad thing, but it’s not. Here’s why… The Burst paying ads have only a 25-30% fill rate. This means that for 70-75% of the pages served (non-paying aka “default” ads), I can display other ads, and generate additional profit from those. If I were able to fill those pages with CPM ads paying the same as Burst, I’d be looking at over 4x the revenue that Adsense was generating. That’s not bad all things considered. Realistically, it’s difficult to have 100% of your pages filled with well-paying CPM ads, but a few networks chained together with some CPC ads filling out the end could certainly have potential.

All in all, this test has been a success. It’s safe to say that if Adsense or other PPC ads are not performing well on your site, a CPM provider such as Burst is certainly worth a try. Keep in mind though that it’s difficult to reach the full potential of CPM ads unless you chain together a bunch of networks, or have other default ads that will generate income.