Joomla – show menus (always show submenus)

Took a bit of searching (seemed to have to find the right key-words), but I’ve got a site where I’ve utilized the submenu’s quite heavily. However, since there’s not a lot of information in each menu page itself, it looked… well sparse. Getting down 3 levels also meant that people had to click over, and over, and over again.

In any case, I wanted to simply show ALL the menu’s and submenu’s at the same time – something not set by default in Joomla.

It’s easy enough to fix though.

In the administrative section, head to Extensions/Module Manager. From there, find the menu you want to change the properties of (in my case, Main Menu). Click to edit it (or check the box and choose Edit from above). Once editing the properties, you’ll see in the right side (under Parameters/Module Parameters) an option called Always show sub-menu items.

Simply change that value to yes and you’re golden!