Jishnu 1.0.8 released (bugfix)

For those who’ve been grabbing the Jishnu theme I put together a few months back (https://mattgadient.com/jishnu/), I just put out a small bugfix/update that addresses an issue where if you use the fancy sidebar “social” buttons and have text that is longer than 1 line, you get text running into other text.

Because I don’t use the social buttons on my own site (probably why I missed the bug), this is what they looked like before:




…and this is what they look like now:



So 2 lines works now. 3 doesn’t, but let me know if your social button text is actually that long, and I’ll work out a fix for the image sprite making things look funky in that situation sooner rather than later.

Oh, and if you’re here and are wondering what the heck this “Jishnu” theme is all about, find the “Jishnu” menu in the top right (or click here) and start reading!

Or you can download v1.0.8 here: