Getting indexed in Google in under 2 days

A huge concern I had back when I first started my sites a few years ago was getting my sites indexed quickly. Really, I had spent hours making an excellent Eyeglass Review site, digging up piles of information and providing it to others. I went so far as to later buy glasses to review for the site. I spent yet more hours putting together a free warcraft map download site. One thing I hated about all the other sites was that it really didn’t give information about each map… The site owner had probably never even PLAYED most of the maps they provided. Mine was to be different. All the maps I provided had detailed info on how each custom map/game worked, how many players it supported, etc, with a tiny image of the loading screen. It didn’t take 10 clicks of ads to get to the download page either. I made it to be something I would love. It incidently now has more traffic than any of my other sites.

I believed in my sites. I put hours and hours making them into something that would provide for others what I wanted myself. I really wanted to get indexed quickly so people could start finding my site.

For those initial sites, I read a pile on the digital point forums (which is where most new “webmasters” happen to quickly stumble across – I won’t diss it though, there were some great people there and that’s where I learned how to do my first non-www to www redirect). I ended up coming across the notion of link directories. I submitted my sites to a pile of them, as well as any “free submission” stuff. Whether it helped much in the end or not, I’m not sure. They do provide links, but because that’s all they do, I doubt that Google finds them to hold much weight (if any). I also paid $3 for a link from another site that had similar content (something you’re not supposed to do). That $3 would have probably been better spent on AdSense ads though… but I digress…

Really, I doubt these things do much, and the time would have been better spent improving my content even more (reviewing another retailer or playing a new map to consider for the other site).


Enough talk. That’s not what you came here for :p

I recently started another site, related to tax stuff that just came out this year. It’s small, but it’s got basic, decent info for starters who might get confused by all the mumbo-jumbo of the larger ones. Since other sites are undoubtedly cropping up, I wanted it at least indexed soon. If it was good enough, it would move up in the ranks on it’s own.

2 days later, it’s indexed. Here’s what I did.

  • Registered it with the Google Webmaster Tools
  • Created an AdWords campaign for it. Yes, I’m paying for the first few people to come see it.
  • Created a Microsoft AdCenter campaign for it. Less impressions than google, but still along the lines of getting people to visit.
  • Put AdSense on there. I doubt it really helps much (if at all) for getting indexed, but after people read the site, they may be looking to actually act on what they’ve read. Little harm in putting it there. I didn’t spam the page with AdSense mind you – it’s on the side, and on the bottom. It’s very easy to read without actually having an “in-your-face” aspect to it.
  • Sent links from my own existing sites – I just put links from my blogs. You can see on the right I have links to “My Sites”, which is perfectly legitimate. I didn’t cross-link from all those other sites mind you – that wouldn’t be legitimate.


Here’s what I did not do:

  • Submit to a bunch of link directories. In fact, I didn’t submit to any.
  • Bother with “link exchanges” or any of the other less-than-perfectly-legitimate stuff.


It took less than 2 days, and my site’s been indexed. I’m not sure how it’s ranking (and don’t want to inflate AdWords impressions by looking it up), but time will tell. There’s quality content there – I don’t know of any other sites providing a simple page of basic easy-to-understand information. We’ll see how the rankings move as time goes on. If the site’s helpful to others I’m sure it’ll be good. If not, well…. time to work on another site that is.


The sites I referenced are all listed under the “My Sites” category on the right for anyone interested. (UPDATE: the site’s format changes frequently. Depending on the current theme, they may or may not be available)