Driver for Vista x64 (64 bit) – Unknown device on Intel(R) ICH8/ICH8R Family LPC Interface Controller – 2810

Upon installing Vista x64 on an , there were a couple devices in Device Manager that were missing drivers. The first was for the Attansic L1 Network Card, for which ASUS had a driver on their site.  The 2nd was an unknown device. Right clicking and going to Properties showed the location as “Intel(R) ICH8/ICH8R Family LPC Interface Controller – 2810”.

Thinking that maybe the Intel Chipset INF package might have the driver, I installed it. No such luck. Finally, I did a search which brought me to a couple other pages, the biggest help being from a post by d.chatten on, although a post was helpful as well. As it turns out, it’s for a device called the ATK0110 which may have something to do with legacy I/O.

Regardless, the link in the post was broken (asus vs ASUS), so I browsed to looking for the file, but noticed a file which, since it has “Vista” in the name, I thought I’d try first. The steps I took were:

  • Downloaded to the desktop (link at the bottom of this post)
  • Extracted the files
  • Device Manger –> right-clicked the unknown device, chose “Update Driver Software”
  • “Browse my computer for driver software”
  • Next
  • Installed!

Pretty simple stuff – it told me the “ATK0110 ACPI UTILITY” was installed, and that was that. It’s also worth noting there’s a regular “Acpi” folder which I’m guessing is a 32-bit version. Both the “Acpi” and “Acpi64” folders contain a “win2000” folder in addition to the “WINVISTA” folder, so to sum it up, I’d guess that it’s got the drivers for 32/64-bit 2000/Vista.

In case the ASUS site has a heart attack (or just plain moves stuff around enough to break a direct link), I’ve put up a copy of the file: