Dr. Sbaitso – the Creative Labs Sound Blaster psychiatrist

For some reason or another, certain things from your past pop into your head at the strangest times. Here’s a program that came with my old Sound Blaster (way back in the day of 386’s and 486’s… back when computers didn’t have onboard sound and you had to actually buy a soundcard for $40-60).

It’s called Dr. Sbaitso (although it sounds like Dr Spaitso or Spaitzo). It’s a neat little goodie that Creative Labs included on a disk that came with the sound card. I did a little searching and found it on the web.

If you’ve never used this program, it’s text based and the “artificial intelligence” behind the doctor is… well… lacking. Oh, and you’ll probably find the entire program to be pretty dull. ¬†For those who have used the program, it’s sure to bring back some memories.

To install it:

  • Download it here (drsbaitso.zip)
  • Unzip it
  • Use command prompt to browse to the folder/directory it’s located in
  • Run SBTALK.BAT (this seems to load the speech “driver” – without it, you’ll get text but no sound)
  • Run SBAITSO2.BAT (the actual program)
  • Enjoy!

Update: This was written¬†quite a few years ago. Unless you time travelled back a few years to find an old Windows PC, you’re probably on a newer version of Windows which will likely require you to run it inside DOSBOX (https://www.dosbox.com). On the plus side, DOSBOX also works on Mac and Linux too!