404 Redirect Reloaded plugin for WordPress (301/302 handling and 404 suggestions)

404 Redirect Reloaded is a fork of the original 404 Redirected by Robert Rolfe. The original plug-in really appealed to me, but it hadn’t been updated in a long time so I fixed a bunch of things that didn’t work (and other errors), and added a few features. Rather than selfishly keep it to myself,

Jishnu 1.1.0 - New header text sizes

Jishnu 1.1.0 released

Jishnu v1.1.0 released! Support for longer titles, author link flexibility, and a few other things. Essentially, some extra “polish” on an already robust WordPress theme.

Jishnu 1.0.8 released (bugfix)

Jishnu v1.0.8 has been released with a small bugfix to address social icon text that extends beyond 1 line.

Jishnu – a free WordPress theme based on Arjuna X

Skip to the end if you’re just looking for the download link! There are 2 fantastic themes I’d like you to meet: A few minor differences (I suppose I should have changed the title in the 1st one, mind you), but really, don’t they kinda look the same? …how about now? I’ll get to the

removing jQuery from WordPress

Just in case the other million sites that mention how to remove JQuery from WordPress go down, I’ve gone over the method I used here, along with some alternates to make exceptions for logged in users.