Experiences and thoughts on Vista’s Media Center on an HTPC

A detailed look for 2007 at Windows Media Center.

Pay as You Go vs term/contract cell phones

A look at pay-as-you-go plans vs the contract stuff. Depending on your usage, one might be a great deal and the other might be a horrible deal.

My HUGE forum pet-peeve

Few things drive me insane, but one of the common forum responses I frequently come across during searches is easily near the top of the list.

MTS blocks port 25

Options for getting around Manitoba’s favorite telecom service’s block on port 25.

Top and bottom bars won’t disappear in Windows Media Player

I hate bars showing up while I’m watching a video. Unfortunately, Windows media player got “stuck” and I needed to manually disable them via the instructions listed here.

Energizer CHDC-CA Compact AA/AAA NiMH Battery Charger Review

A review of the Energizer Battery Cooker. I mean… Battery Charger. No wait, I was right the first time.

How to share printers, files, and folders in Windows Server 2003 without requiring a login (user name and password).

Working through the security policies of Windows Server 2003 to do some simple file and printer sharing.

Manitoba Public Insurance – why things are looking good for Manitoban drivers

Some crown corporations are awful and wasteful. MPI has actually been pretty decent lately.

Kill A Watt P4400 Review

A short look at the Kill A Watt power device – an item that helps you check the power consumption of each of your devices.

Wake up and find you can’t move, breathe, or cry for help..?

My encounter with sleep paralysis.

Could a linux-based Google OS compete with Microsoft Windows?

Pondering the possibility of a Google-based operating system. Maybe one day?

Wireless High-Speed in Rural Manitoba

A look at the current (and limited) High Speed internet options in rural Manitoba.

Cleaning eyeglasses without scratching

…because you wouldn’t want to clean glasses *with* leaving scratches, right?

Welcome to my blog!

A welcome message.