Cache Handler showing as blank in Joomla

Working on a couple Joomla! sites, I was looking to enable some form of caching, since the content on those sites don’t actually change that often, and not only would it help to reduce the server load from database accesses, but should also help the pages to pop up quicker. There are apparantly a few different caching plugins, but I couldn’t even get the default built-in file cache to work.

Basically, in the Global Configuration under System – Server – Cache Settings – Cache Handler, there was an empty field where you would normally be able to select the type of cache handler you want, yet nothing was showing up. I did a lot of searching, and couldn’t come up with really a heck of a lot of info.

I finally decided to play with permissions and as it turned out, Joomla wasn’t being allowed to write to the “cache” directory in the Joomla installation. Simply changing permissions to 777 fixed the issue. As soon as that was done, the file handler was able to be selected, and Joomla started making cache files.

Note that this probably isn’t the most *graceful* method of doing it (I’d prefer to have not needed to set full read/write/execute for the directory), but for the time being it’s something that works.