AMD Mobility Radeon 11.9 drivers for Win7 x64 on the Macbook Pro

If you’re here, you’ve probably on a Macbook Pro, you’ve tried the AMD/ATI utility that’s supposed to auto-detect your GPU (which refused to work), and tried the standalone mobility installer (which only installed CCC but left your old drivers). In desperation, you might’ve tried the desktop utility which was just as unsuccessful.

In any case, there are 11.9 drivers that’ll work on the MBP (running Windows 7 64-bit), and they don’t require crazy hacks or anything. They’re just a pain to find. They’ll show up as the “6600m and 6700m series” once installed as you’ll see in the image below.

They’re on AMD’s site here:

Yes, they look strikingly similar to the mobility drivers you probably already downloaded, but the filename is slightly different (note the “ocl” in the filename), as is the source location. They also appear to be 64-bit only (versus 32/64 in the easier-to-find-but-totally-worthless version).

It installs without much of a hitch (Microsoft Visual C library might not install due to being old, but that was it for me). It’s worth noting that I uninstalled the old drivers first through the AMD/ATI uninstaller. It may not be necessary, but if you run into headaches, it’s worth trying to uninstall the old stuff first.

Credit to twannguyen on the Apple disscusion boards for this one.