Adding Adsense within the posts of your WordPress blog

Looking to add Adsense ads to your WordPress blog? Look no further than the AdSense Deluxe WordPress Plugin. This free plugin is one of the best Adsense plug-ins I’ve seen. What makes it stand out from others (for example, the current Joomla varieties) is that it’s dead-simple to create new AdSense blocks and then to implement them within the pages of your blog.

After installing and activating the plugin, you simply create a name for each Adsense block you would like, paste the Adsense code, and click “Add Adsense Block”. From then on, anywhere in your post that you want that particular Adsense ad block, you simply type the ad name, and you’re done. The beauty is, you can make multiple Adsense blocks, which means you’re not limited to one style of ad.

One small problem that comes about when putting ads within posts is that on a main page or a category page displaying many posts, you can end up inadvertantly violating the Terms of Service by placing more than the maximum number of ads allowed. The quick fix to keep this from happening is to use the “Split post with More tag (Alt-t)” button in the WordPress editor. The best thing to do is start with a teaser paragraph and then use that tag. Ensure that all your ads in the post are placed after this tag, and your ads won’t show on the main page. The ads will only show when someone views the full post. Pretty neat, huh?

So where to find this great plugin? The Adsense-Deluxe WordPress Plugin can be downloaded from If you decide to use it and like it, please consider donating to it’s author. And those using WordPress 2.0 or later, have no fear. It’s compatible :)