A quick way to infuriate me

I really need a rant section…

Few steps if you want me to bite my tongue to keep from lashing out at you. I won’t mention the site/business because I don’t want to give them any traffic whatsoever.

1) “Cold call” me in the middle of the day to schedule another call for the next day.
I have no problem when actual contacts phone me to schedule a conference call or discussion, but if I’ve never heard from you before, you might want to start with an email. Heck, even those who I’m on good terms with usually start with an email first if they want a chat.

2) Mention that you think I’m an “expert in the industry” and that you’re looking at partnering with me and/or one of my sites.
If you’ve actually got some substance here, this might be ok. If on the other hand you’re offering junk, no matter how well you’ve dressed up that junk, if I’m an “expert in the industry” as you claim, I’m going to see right through your trash and be very very angry at you for wasting my time. Don’t think that playing to my vanity will work. It won’t.

3) Let me find out on my own that your site combines the concept of a link directory with the concept of a scraper site.
Congratulations, you’ve just combined a link directory with a scraper site – you took 2 of the crappiest concepts on the web and put them together. It’s like mixing puke with diarrhea. If only somehow you could add domain squatting you’d have the whole “sewage package” going on.

4) When I email you letting you know that under no circumstances would I ever partner with a site such as yours and not to bother calling me (but in nicer words as I feel my tongue start to bleed), in the reply email, mention that “The partnership is about getting new traffic to your site and splitting the revenue from a subdomain we would power.” Oh, and mention that “expert in the field” stuff again.
Wow. So you’re going to either duplicate my content (because one thing Matt Cutts always talks about is how we don’t have enough duplicate content on the web… </sarcasm>) or have me write some new stuff, take all the traffic, take some of the profits, and… I’d want to do this… why?

Yes, this is about the worst deal you can find, short of Amway/Quikstar (aka Scamway/Quickscam), and those deals that all the Nigerian “princes” have to offer.

The goal in this case is basically to use your content to give them traffic, and when they say “getting new traffic to your site” what they really mean is getting new traffic to *their* site, and if you’re lucky a couple percent will then click the link to your site. Your only alternative if you don’t go for this deal of course is to publish your own content and get 100% of the traffic and revenue.

The last line they gave was “When you wish to pursue the conversation, we’ll be happy to move forward.”. Right. Sorry, I don’t need to know the rest of the details. I don’t need to know whether the diarrhea is brown, or whether it’s green.

I’m not having it either way.

Call me again and I’ll make you regret it.

Have a nice day.


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  1. Hi matt! I was using your MSI gt735 windows 7 driver help entry and it was especially helpful, thanks!

    One problem though, I was attempting to “update driver software” for my wireless card with 1T2R but it says it is already up to date! I just reformatted and did the drivers for the JMicro SD card as well as the other drivers. For some reason, it thinks it is up to date but it is not working at ALL. I tried to update it with the x64 folder you recommended in the utilities disk but it keeps saying it is up to date! I hope you could help

  2. @Richard
    Hey Richard,

    Guessing you found the site through the youtube vid. Most of the details were thrown in the article, which you can find here:

    Look at the steps under step #5. I’m guessing you’re having it search for drivers, which won’t work even if you point it at the proper location (it won’t find any Windows7 certified drivers, and will therefore just say it’s up to date with the built-in one even if it’s not working correctly). What you have to do is do the whole browse/let_me_pick_from_a_list thing in device manager which is detailed about half way through step 5 to force it to accept the driver you point it at.

    Best of luck!

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