…and here I thought ValueClick was the problem.

A couple CPM advertisers I’ve run on the Warcraft-Maps site were Burst and ValueClick. I ran a few others as well although they were lesser-known names and I dropped them because not only did they not pay well, but they ran some questionable ads.

Last year I had a little surprise in that was listed as an attack site. Turned out that either Burst or ValueClick were running some not-so-nice ads and got the site flagged. It did eventually un-flag, but I wasn’t thrilled.

I always thought ValueClick was the problem. They’ve got a huge amount of ads running on their network, and they don’t seem as selective as Burst!. You can imagine my surprise a few minutes ago though, when Kaspersky did the little “violin” when I visited my site. Turned out Burst doesn’t behave so well after all.

Last month, I dumped ValueClick – I was only serving Burst! Media ads, and Google ads.

Well, time to say goodbye to Burst. It’s rather unfortunate that one of the “better” providers has gone downhill in this way.

The reason I originally ran CPM ads to begin with was because the bandwidth that used was the big part in upgrading hosting packages over the last 3 years. It used more than all the other sites combined, and effectively cost the most to run.

If you’ve ever wondered why “download” sites bombard you with ads, popups, pop-unders, and everything else, it’s because that bandwidth isn’t free – it’s got to be paid for somehow. As much as I despise pop-unders, I’ll admit I did have them running on the Warcraft-Maps site for quite some time.

And yes, running pop-unders on one of my sites did leave me with a dirty feeling inside – I’m still recovering.

However, that’s all in the past now. I have to give a big thanks to HostGator actually. Their unlimited hosting has allowed me to throw all the bandwidth-intensive stuff on there at a cost of under $10/month. How unlimited is unlimited? Well, Brent from HostGator recently posted on WHT, mentioning that he regularly comes across accounts using over 5TB of bandwidth per month. I’m way under that.



In any case, is now running only Adsense stuff, which has generally shown to be safe to viewers.

Goodbye Burst… and here I thought ValueClick was the problem. Turns out you both were.


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