Windows Vista – what driver to use for the 3Com Gigabit LOM (3C940) network card

Edit: Hah! As it turns out, Vista ended up finding an update to the driver through Windows Update. It was considered an optional update, but installed the 3Com Gigabit LOM (3C940) which has been working fine as well. So if you want the 3Com driver, just install the Marvel one temporarily (so you can get on the net), and run Windows Update to get the 3Com driver.

My ASUS P4P800 happened to come with an onboard LAN which Vista doesn’t supply drivers for. Not only that, but the XP driver listed by ASUS doesn’t show as being Vista Compatible (although I didn’t try to force it). So what to use? Well, quite some time ago when I was playing World of Warcraft, their built-in updater/patcher used to whine about the network card driver not being up-to-date enough. A Blizzard employee did some looking around for another individual, and found

that a driver that would work (and keep the blizz downloader happy) was a generic Marvel driver. As a side note, if anyone wants that XP driver (for WoW or another game), leave a comment or send me an email and I’ll be happy to send it to you. (Edit: I’ve put them up on the site. Download for Windows XP/2003 or Windows XP 64-bit.)

Anyway, getting back on topic (Vista), what worked for me was the built-in Vista network driver called “Generic Marvel Yukon Chipset based Ethernet Controller”. For those who need some instructions to install it, Simply go to the Device Manager (found in Control Panel), right-click on the Network Controller, and choose “Update Driver Software”. Then choose “Browse my computer for driver software”, followed by “Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer”. Under the Manufacturer section, choose “Marvel”, and under the Network Adapter section, pick “Generic Marvel Yukon Chipset based Ethernet Controller”. It may give you a warning about the driver, but I simply ignored it, let it install, and the network came up and was good to go.

This was using Vista RC1 Build 5728. It would have of course been nice if ASUS got a hold of some new drivers and put them on their site, but failing that, this is probably the next best thing, and is at least a Vista-certified driver (although not a driver certified specifically for the 3C940).


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  1. hey could ya email me that driver

  2. The drivers are now up (links in the blog entry). Again, I’ve had them working on the P4P800 with the 3Com Gigabit LOM (3C940) onboard networking under Win XP (may or may not work on similar models). It cured the WoW downloader warnings, allowing the downloader to go at full speed. Other than that, there didn’t seem to be any perceivable difference from the old drivers.

    The files are self-extracting exe’s. Once the drivers are extracted, you’ll have to go into Device Manager, find your network adaptor, and choose “Update Driver”. Then browse to the location of the new extracted drivers. I don’t recall whether or not it brought up a warning dialog.

    In the event the driver doesn’t work for you, you can either try rolling back the driver, or booting into safe mode (if things go really bad) and deleting the network adaptor, then restarting the computer and letting it auto-detect the network card upon the next boot.

  3. Hello…

    I have the exact same mobo that you do. I would have Never figured out to use a Marvel driver for a 3Com product. It worked…exactly the way you said including the bit about Windows Vista updating to the 3Com driver as soon as I could get to the update site.

    Kudos to You! And many, Many thanks!!


  4. Hello Metthew,
    Iwas searching for the driver all over the place and finally I found you link and followed your way and it work.I really thank you for the information.very nice of you.

    thanks again,


  5. Hello Matthew,

    Thank you very much!! I had disconnection issues on my kg7-Raid motherboard with the infamous 3c2000 network card under winXp, even using the latest 3com drivers. Thanks to you I have no problem whatsoever now.


  6. anyother way is to re-install win xp fresh, then install all ur driver, then from win xp upgrade to vista (32) upgrade time will take twice longer, but once vista is up, all your modem and sound card will work ! hope this help !

  7. Thanks! I’ve been looking for these drivers for a while now.

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